February 2024 Edition
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Newsletter Week 1 Term 1

Hastings Christian School

1 February 2024


Tena koutou katoa, talofa, goeie dag, mālō e lelei, kumusta, hi! It is my great pleasure to welcome you all to a New Year of growth and learning at Hastings Christian School. We are particularly pleased to welcome the new students and staff that have joined us here for the first time. Sadly the rain prevented us from having a mihi whakatau to formally welcome the new staff and families yesterday.

There will be an opportunity next Thursday at our Founders Day assembly to rectify this and formally acknowledge the new families to our school. Please be encouraged to attend this service in the school gymnasium, as we acknowledge the exam results of our senior pupils as well as reminding ourselves of God’s faithfulness to our school over the years. This year's guest speaker is one of the founding pupils of our school as well as a parent of one of our pupils!

We look forward to welcoming back our Year 11 and 12 students tomorrow followed by the Year 13 students next Monday. These students are currently enjoying their start of the year camp in Taupo (see below for a photo).

Please see below the primary and secondary goals for the current year. The teachers have spent the first part of the week, amongst other things, looking at how we will best give effect to these strategic priorities. More information will be shared in upcoming newsletters.

My prayer is that God would be pleased to use all that goes on at HCS this year for His glory and the good of all that make up our learning community.

Gavin Clark

Welcome to new staff

A warm welcome to our new staff. Ange Gibbs is our new HOD English in the secondary school, Karen Hamilton-Irvine is the new class teacher in A2 and Philippa Evans and Ruth Harrison have joined us as teacher aides.

From the Secondary School


I’d like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome you as parents into the secondary school for 2024, whether you are brand new to the school or you are now experiencing some large number of years of association with us! On behalf of the secondary staff, we look forward to working with you in the education of your child(ren). We consider this an absolute privilege and a significant responsibility.

We had the pleasure of welcoming our Year 9 & Year 13 students on Tuesday with their orientation day - a big thanks to Angie Pratt and Emma Nicoll for organising this important day and it was a real delight to see our seniors interacting with our Year 9s in explaining what goes on here in our secondary school. Today, we welcomed the Year 10s back to school, and we look forward to welcoming our Year 11s & 12s tomorrow.

Next week, our year level deans will be introducing themselves to you and relaying information particular to each year group, so look out for these important details. Just to say, the deans are usually your first point of contact for any questions, comments or concerns.

Gerald Feyter
Deputy Principal


The secondary school has invested significantly in textbook purchases this year. Naturally, we want to protect this important resource, so ALL textbooks will be individually issued to students through the library recording system. We will remind all students that it is incumbent on them to look after these expensive books, and to make sure they hold on to their issued textbook. As a school, we will be following up on damage or loss of textbooks and any costs incurred will be passed back to you as parents. Please remind your children to be extra careful with how they treat their books.

Volunteers required

We would be delighted to hear from any parents who could spare a few hours each week helping out with specific students. If you are at all interested, we would love to hear from you. We do have specific hours that require some assistance, and we can provide more information to you if you would like. Please contact the school office in the first instance.

From the Office

Parent/Caregiver Details: If you have changed your cell phone number or email addresses over the holidays, please let the office know so that we can update our records.

Medical: Please let us know if your child has any medical issues that we are not already aware of or if they take any medications regularly. We will record this securely on our student management system as it is important for staff to be aware.

School App: Please update your class/year level alert settings on the school app for 2024. Just click on the menu bar and then open alert subscriptions and choose the relevant alerts for your family.

Absences: Remember to advise us by 9am if your child is going to be away for the day. You can do this via the school app or by leaving a message on the answering machine. We do need to account for all absent children so please let us know promptly to save the office having to follow these up. Students who are late should report to the office before going to class.

Safety around HCS

At the start of the year - here are a few reminders about safety around HCS.

  • Parents and students should use the footpaths and marked pathways around the school (follow the painted footsteps when crossing the netball courts)
  • Please use the manned road patrol crossings afterschool
  • No parking on yellow lines or on the neighbours driveway outside B Block or on the grass outside H Block
  • Student drivers are to please park on the road. If you child is learning to drive, please have them park on the road rather then drive onto the school property.
  • The drop off zone outside the main noticeboard (first two carparks) is for dropping off in the mornings, please don't park here in the morning
  • Please do not bring dogs onto the school property unless this is arranged with the class teacher for a visit and they are on a leash
  • Students need to have helmets when biking to school and should be walking once on school property
  • All primary students should have hats on when outside at morning tea or lunch time during the summer terms

Founders Day Assembly

The students will take part in our annual Founders Day assembly on Thursday the 8th of February at 8:50am in the gym. At this assembly we take time to acknowledge God’s goodness and faithfulness to our school. Senior students will be presented with endorsement badges and this years student leaders will be welcomed. Parents are welcome to attend

Itinerant Music Lessons for 2024

There will be a meeting for all students who have enrolled in the itinerant music programme for 2024 next Friday 9th of February at 1:30pm in C1. Lesson details will be given out then and these will also be posted on the C1 window for future reference. An app message reminder will go out next week.

Anniversary of Cyclone Gabrielle

The one year anniversary of Cyclone Gabrielle is coming up on 14 February 2024. The region's Councils and Regional Recovery Agency have collaborated on how the day will be acknowledged through Council commemoration services and events. There will also be community-led gatherings.

Schools have been encouraged to show our solidarity and support for our region, by asking everyone to dress in Hawke’s Bay colours (black and white) on Wednesday 14 February. So this day will be a black & white mufti day for staff and students.

Art Deco

We are planning to hold an Art Deco picnic on Friday 16th of February and students are encouraged to dress up in Art Deco inspired clothing that day.

Furniture Surplus

We still have a number of student desks (with lids) and chairs free to a good home. Please ring the office or come in if you would like to take any home.

Y13 Camp

Please pray for our Y13 students as they are currently on camp in Taupo/Waikato. This is a valuable time of bonding as a group and we look forward to hearing about their days away together.

New Classrooms

Today the first secondary classes were held in the new gym rooms (G1, G2 & G3). We're so thankful for this fantastic facility and look forward to using it to it's full potential. As you will see, the landscaping work is well underway too!

Upcoming Events

    • Tuesday 6th Feb - Waitangi Day
    • Thursday 8th Feb - Founders Day assembly
    • Friday 9th Feb - Itinerant music meeting
    • Wednesday 14th Feb - Black & White Mufti Day
    • Wednesday 14-Friday 16 Feb - Year 8 Camp
    • Friday 16th Feb - Art Deco picnic & dress up
    • Friday 16th - E2 Navy Band trip
    • Monday 26th Feb - Secondary Athletics Day
    • Monday 26th Feb - HCS Board meeting
    • Tuesday 27th Feb - Road patrol training