March 2024 Edition
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Newsletter Week 6 Term 1

Hastings Christian School

13 March 2024


What is the most important thing the Bible tells us that we can teach our children? I asked a similar question to the teachers on our teacher's only day at the beginning of the school year. Answers like, love God, obey God, be holy, send your children to a Christian school, amongst others, were put forward. (actually no one came up with the last answer, but I still think it’s a good one!)

While the Bible addresses all these commands, the apostle Paul explicitly states in 1 Corinthians 15 what is to be taught as of first importance. In verse 3 he states outright, ”For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures,“

The good news of what Jesus accomplished in His death, burial and resurrection is at the heart of the Bible’s message and the core of the truths that we must pass on to our children.

With Easter falling within the school team, this year, our plan is to hold a special Easter assembly as the culmination of several weeks of focusing on what Christ achieved on the cross. One resource that the teachers in the secondary school have been using to help with this is a book by John Piper called ‘Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die.’ Desiring God Ministries have made this available as a free PDF.

As part of the lead up to Easter, I have been sharing with the staff during our Monday morning briefing, insights from two books that I have found particularly helpful in outlining the core truths of the Christian message. The two books are, ‘Do You Believe?’ by Paul Tripp. The other is ‘You Are a Theologian’ by Jen Wilkinson and J.T English.
Below are a few quotes that I found helpful from these books when considering the bad news of our predicament outside of Christ. As I said to the staff and the students this week, we can only appreciate the good news of the gospel if we fully recognise the dire and desperate situation our sin has placed us in. I hope you find them helpful.

  • The cry of everyone in the face of the brokenness, danger, disappointments, difficulties, and injustices of life in this sin-scarred world is actually a cry for God and his redeeming, rescuing, and restoring grace, whether the person crying knows it or not.
  • If you do not believe in the tragedy and universality of sin, then you’ll think that humans have the power to fix humans. So you put your hope in education, politics, philosophy, psychology, medicine and so on.
  • If however, you believe that the deepest problem for every human being is sin and if you believe that no human being is able to escape it, then you will know that together we cannot save ourselves. If there is such a thing as sin, living in the heart of everyone, Then our only hope is divine intervention.
  • The doctrine of sin tells us that the hope of humanity will never be delivered by humanity, but will come only by means of God’s intervening grace.
  • If sin is the ultimate cancer, then there is no cure to be found outside of the intervening mercies of redeeming grace. As sin is the problem, then God is our only hope.
  • Sin is the ultimate bomb, leaving a trail of destruction in its path
  • Sin is the ultimate pandemic, infecting everyone, leaving everyone sick.
  • Sin is the ultimate curse, sentencing everyone to death.
  • Sin is the ultimate deceit, telling you endless lies and making promises it can’t keep
  • Sin is the ultimate interruption, changing the human story forever.
  • 2 Corinthians 5:15 “And He died for all, that those who live might no longer live for themselves.”
  • The DNA of sin is selfishness. Sin really does make life all about me. Some causes me to shrink my world down to the size of my wants, my needs, and my feelings
  • Eugene Petterson: “Sin causes us to replace the holy Trinity with a very individualised personal Trinity:

  1. My holy wants
  2. My holy needs
  3. My holy feelings

  • Sin is self absorbed, self focused, self aggrandising and selfish in the truest sense of what those words mean
  • Because of sin, we want our own way, we want to write our own rules, and we don’t want anything in our way or anyone telling us what to do.
  • Sin turns all of us into glory thieves, causing us to want what rightfully belongs to God alone
Gavin Clark

Teacher Only Day

A reminder that Friday 22nd of March will be a teacher only day. All HCS staff will be travelling to Palmerston North for professional development. HCS will be closed this day.

Vietnam Cultural Trip Update

Students continue to eagerly prepare for the upcoming Cultural trip to Vietnam in the April holidays. Fifteen students from across years 11-13 will be exploring the sights of Vietnam for eleven days with Mrs Andrews and Mr Feyter. They will be visiting the main centres of Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon, Mekong Delta, Da Nang, Hoi An, Hue and Hanoi. Here are some of the activities they are looking forward to:
  • international flights
  • seeing animals at the zoo and witnessing the traffic rules (or lack thereof)
  • learning how to cross the road safely
  • going to the Cu Chi Tunnels - which served as an underground home and resistance base of the Viet Cong during the overthrow of the French colonial government and the later Vietnam war. The complex maze of tunnels contained meeting rooms, kitchens, wells, clinics, schools, depots, trenches and emergency exits (and definitely booby traps) all aimed toward the guerrilla warfare tactics used during the Vietnam war. Students will learn about different types of booby traps, and weapons used by the Viet Cong. A visit to the war remnants museum will give us a crash course in Vietnam's history
  • Street Food tour at night to identify and try local food
  • Paddling the canals of the Mekong Delta, visiting local villages, markets and learning how the locals live, work and eat
  • a walking tour of Hoi An, a world heritage site
  • visiting tailors and markets for some shopping and bartering
  • Cycling tours and beach visits
  • Helping a local school in Hue with learning English and completing renovations
  • Exploring the Imperial citadel in Hue, tombs of past emperors and looking at the religious architecture in Vietnam (temples)
  • surviving the overnight train from Da Nang to Hanoi
  • seeing 'Uncle Ho' or Ho Chi Minh in his mausoleum
  • being biked in a 'pedicab' through the streets of Hanoi
  • watching a traditional Vietnamese water puppet show
  • taking a tour of Hanoi in an army jeep (Russian or US)
  • the journey home
Thank you for continuing to support us through ice block sales (Thursdays). We will also be running a bake sale on Wednesday 20th March at interval. Please continue to pray for us, the staff, students and parents as we continue preparing to embark HCS's first international trip.

Bake Sale Fundraiser for Vietnam Trip

Next Wednesday 20th of March the students who are travelling to Vietnam will be having a fundraising bakesale at morning tea time outside D Block. If your child would like to purchase something, feel free to send them along with some money. Most items will be $1-$2.


House event Thursday 28th March
Staff and students are invited to come to school dressed up as one of their favourite book, TV or movie characters! In the afternoon the house leaders will host "Fame Factor" a book/movie-themed quiz with extra fear factor challenges! Houses will work together to answer questions and compete in physical challenges to earn points for their house! Whānau are invited to come and support their children's house in what promises to be an entertaining afternoon. 1.30pm in the gym.

Thank You

Thank you for your generosity last Friday for the mufti day. We raised $373.00 to help the girls volleyball team with their trip to Nationals next week.

Bike Riding to School

Please remind your children that they need to wear helmets when riding bikes to and from school. Also, any students who ride to school should ensure their bikes are locked up during the day as we have had some instances of theft and unwanted people on the property.

Y12 History

Year 12 History students learning about 'the domino theory' as part of their Vietnam war topic.

The Domino Theory was a Cold War-era belief that if one country fell to communism, neighboring countries would also fall in succession, like a row of dominoes. This theory heavily influenced US foreign policy (its strategy in dealing with other nations) during the Vietnam war era.

Mitre 10 Tough Kids

The year 4-5s from HCS came to the Mitre 10 Tough Kids last Wednesday. We went there for fun. I came second out of the whole entire class. There was a bouncy castle, slip & slide, an obstacle course, a mud pool and a tunnel. It was so much fun!

First we ran and ran and ran and we ran through a mud pool and through a bouncy castle, down the slide and then zig zagged in between poles and through an obstacle course. I was so surprised that I came second and beat the whole class except for Henry. But there was no way I could have beaten Henry because he is so fast. When the horn blew, I ran as fast as my skinny legs could take me. Luckily I came second. The end. - Huntah B2

Cricket Festival

On Wednesday 28 February some of our Year 5 and 6 boys went to a cricket Festival at Anderson Park. We played 3 different games and the boys improved with every game seeing that we didn't even practice beforehand. We won our last games 34 to 16. We had a fantastic day and even received a free sausage sizzle. Praise the Lord - Mr V

Hockey Coaching

2024 is proving to be very exciting as we are now running ALL holiday programs in Hastings AND Napier. We are hoping to get more and more kids involved with hockey and this is a great start. Please register at the link below and forward this far and wide.

Poster attached and here in the link to registration:

We are really looing forward to seeing all the kids who are our regulars and all the new kids who pick up on this amazing opportunity. As always there will be multiple prizes to hand out no the last day at prize giving! YAY!

Ice Blocks for Sale

Lemonade iceblocks will be on sale for $1 on THURSDAYS this term. Order before school outside the staffroom (juniors) or bring your dollar at lunchtime (seniors).Term 1 only!

Pizza Lunches

Order before school outside the staff room on Friday mornings. $1.50 per piece, cheesy garlic, pepperoni or ham and cheese. Gluten Free $2.00 per slice.

Easter Dates

The Easter break for all schools will be Friday 29th March, Monday 1st of April and Tuesday 2nd of April. Easter falls outside the school holidays this year and term 1 will end on Friday 12th of April.

Upcoming Events

  • Friday 15th-16th Mar - Duke of Ed tramp
  • 17-22 March - Volleyball Nationals
  • Wednesday 20th Mar - Secondary Interschool Athletics
  • Friday 22nd Mar - Teacher Only Day
  • Monday 25th Mar -Thursday28th - E1 Optimist Yachting
  • Monday 25th Mar - Y7/8 Immunisations
  • Wednesday 27th Mar - Whole school Easter assembly
  • Wednesday 27th Mar - Y12 Biology Trip
  • Thursday 28th Mar - House Event
  • Friday 29th Mar-Tuesday 2nd -Easter Break
  • Thurs 4/5 April - Duke of Ed trip
  • Monday 8th Apr - HCS Board Meeting
  • Thursday 11th Apr - Students leave for Vietnam Cultural Trip