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John Paul College

Term 4, Issue 27

Ma te Pono me te Aroha – Through Faith and Love

School Theme for 2023 - “Work hard, play hard”. Mauri mahi, mauri ora.
Principal Message

Tena koutou katoa,
As we move forward into the final term the college is preparing for another exciting and busy end of the year.

This term we have welcomed officially to the Senior Leadership team two new senior leaders. These are;

a) Director of Mission - Bernadette Fredricksen. Bernadette is currently our college 'campus minister' but has been appointed to the newly created position of 'Director of Mission'. This was an identified position by our recent Diocese Catholic Character Review. All Lasallian schools include a 'Director of Mission' in the SLT.

b) Deputy Principal - Matthew Czyrek. Matthew is a well known member of the faculty. Most students recognise him as our Head of Arts and Music Teacher. Matthew takes over from Whaea Ally. With Matthew's appointment we are delighted to announce that Candy Stevenson is our new 'LoTL of Arts'.
We have welcomed this term the arrival of the new Digital Teacher - Mr Jed Tresmanio. Mr Tresmanio arrives from the Philippines, where he has been teaching at a Lasallian High School for ten years.

God bless, Justin

Sponsorship Naming Rights for the new School Van

As a part of the delivery of the new van we will be getting JPC signwriting put onto the van. If there are any businesses interested in having their name/logo added to the van, please contact Principal PA Liz Lock at

Board Update

Given some recent changes to the legislation around education, all NZ school boards are now no longer referred to as a 'Trust'. So the adage of 'Board of Trustees' now becomes simply the 'Board', and the Trustees are now 'Board Members'.

We have recently farewelled two 'Proprietor' appointed members, Pa Gerard Paterson and Mrs Miyoko Hammersley. The Board want to acknowledge their contributions and dedication to the college publicly.

Two new appoints have begun their roles on the Board. We would like to introduce the following;
a) Mrs Delia Farrell. Delia is a St Mary's Parish member and has children here at the college.
b) Mrs Elaine Kannan. Elaine was a teacher of Science here at JPC (alongside her husband, Kevin). They have retired back to Rotorua. Elaine is also a member of the St Mary's Parish.

An update on the by-election. The process of adding a new 'Parent Rep' to the Board is well underway. There have been three nominations for the vacant position. Election forms have been sent to all parents of current students. Completed voting forms can be returned to the student reception.

JP Gaston (Board Chair).

Events To Date:

26/27th Yr8 Day Trips
31-Nov 2 Yr8 Aquatics (NB)
31st Snr Co-Curricular P/Giving 1pm
2nd Snr P/Giving/ Graduation 6pm
6th NZQA exams commence - Dec 5th
13-15th Jnr Assessments
16th Yr9 Careers ‘Give It A Go’ Day
17th 2024 Yr 7 Orientation
20-Dec 7 Life Ed Van onsite
21st Yr 9 Big Day Out
24th Teacher Only Day
27-Dec 1 Yr 10 Activity Week
4th Yr 7 Big Day In
5th Yr 7&8 Co-Curricular Prizegiving
6th Jnr End of Year Mass
7th Yr 9&10 Co-Curricular Prizegiving
8th Junior Prizegiving

Go Bus has been informed that the following roads will be closed on the afternoon of 25th October due to the Targa Rally:

Kaharoa Road from Kaharoa Hall through to Penny Road - Penny Road through to Te Waerenga Road - Te Waerenga Road between Penny Road and Hamurana Road Access will also be restricted to Kapukapu Road. Therefore, our routes will be avoiding these roads, affecting them as follows:

Route: D040604 (Hamurana) PM Part of route affected: Te Waerenga Road. Alternative drop-off: Cnr. Jackson Rd-Tauranga Direct Rd (3:45PM), Hamurana Store (3:50PM), cnr. Hamurana RdUnsworth Rd (3:55PM)

Route: D040608 (Kaharoa) PM Part of route affected: Kapukapu Road. Alternative drop-off: none available (Kaharoa students) or Kaharoa School (3:50PM JPC)

Craig Cocking
Bus Controller E:

Kia ora koutou,
I take great pleasure in addressing parents/caregivers for the first time in my role as DP / Pastoral / Student Management.
A few reminders for the start of Term 4.
Mobile Phones – John Paul College has a policy of no mobile phone use on school grounds. Students must have their phones switched off and placed somewhere safely during the school day e.g., in their school bag.
Social Media - Student involvement in social media needs to be monitored closely at home. We ask parents to be active in this space, as we are continually experiencing issues at school that are a direct result of student involvement in social media platforms outside of school hours. Junior students in particular that do not have the decision making skills to responsibly navigate social media posts, can become involved in silly posts that can become toxic at school.
Some useful tips on monitoring social media and mobile phone use at home:
  • Discourage your child from using social media platforms that have an age restriction.
  • Younger children should not be left in a room by themselves while using a mobile phone.
  • If you allow your child to use your mobile phone, have a pin number on it so that they have to ask your permission to use it.
  • Monitor the number of apps your child has downloaded. General advice around this is to have two pages of apps only (swipe right once only).
  • Check mobile phone folders. You may find folders hidden within folders that could contain harmful messages and media posts that are damaging to your child.
  • Parents/caregivers keep the mobile phone charger in a parent/caregivers bedroom. This will result in the child having to return their phone to the parent at the end of the day and encourage good bedtime routines where the child won’t be tempted to stay on their phone unsupervised until the early hours. By having the child's phone in their bedroom at night, parents/caregivers will see messages received at night that they can speak to their child about.
  • We have been advised that if your child is a victim of social media bullying at home to ring 105 and register a complaint with the police.
  • Call Netsafe if your child experiences anything harmful while using social media - toll-free on 0508 638 723 (
Some useful websites on this topic:,doing%20%E2%80%93%20before%20they%20do%20it
Summer Uniform – We have now changed to our Summer School Uniform for the remainder of the year. Please make sure that students are wearing the correct clothing for this term.
I look forward to a productive and successful Term 4.
Nga mihi nui,
Matt Czyrek -
Deputy Principal/ Pastoral / Student Management

Kia ora tātou from the Counsellors.
Term 4 is well underway with assignments due and external exams on the horizon. For some students this is a time of heightened worry. While some stress is quite normal and can actually be helpful in giving us a nudge towards preparing for exams, worry can sometimes get out of hand, getting in the way of our concentration and revision. An antidote to exam stress is being well prepared. Here are some tips which can help in the lead up to exams. If you’d like to read more about these and other helpful strategies, the following website has lots of useful information:

Procrastination is a common part of human behaviour. Often people mistake procrastination for “laziness”. In everyday language people use definitions like, “putting off”, “postponing”, “delaying”, “deferring”, and “leaving to the last minute”. While procrastination is quite common, it can become problematic if it is getting in the way of our goals and hopes for achievement and progress. Overcoming procrastination in practical ways involves knowing what needs to be done, how to do it and when to do it.

What Do I Need To Do?
· Write a ‘To Do’ list of tasks and goals you need to work on. This could be a list for the day, the week, the month, or longer, depending on what makes most sense for your circumstances;
· then prioritise the list of tasks, numbering them from most important to least important;
· then grade each task, that is, break the task into all the small steps or ‘chunks’ that are involved in achieving the task; and
· finally, accurately estimate how much time each step of each task or goal will take.
How Can I Do It?
Worst-First: knock out the worst task first, so all other tasks after that are easy by comparison.
Using Momentum: start doing a task that you like and that energises you, and then without a break quickly switch to a task that you have been putting off.

Just 5-Minutes: plan to spend just 5 minutes on the task. This is such a small amount of time, so you will feel you can tolerate just 5 minutes. At the end of the 5 minutes, reassess and see if you can spend just another 5 minutes on the task, and so on.

Set Time Limits: set a specific amount of time to work on a task (e.g., 30 minutes), and stick to just that, rather than extending things even if you feel you can.

Prime Place: be aware of what types of environments you get more done in, and what types of environments have distractions that make you more likely to procrastinate. Isolate yourself if necessary to minimise social and other distractions.

Visualise: use imagery to clearly visualise the task being successfully completed in your mind, and use the momentum from the visualisation to get going on the task in real life.

Plan Rewards: reward yourself after something has been achieved or as a well-earned break from a task. The more you reward yourself for small achievements, the less you will feel like you are missing out or being deprived, hence you will procrastinate less.

When Can I Do It?
To manage your time availability, so that you know when you can do your tasks and goals, use a timetable to schedule your week.
Next week – more ideas to help ease exam pressure.
Na mihi nui kia koe,
Nancy Macmillan and Henry Worsp.

Each year the John Paul College community shows their love and dedication to those who are less fortunate than us and puts the social justice principles of preferential option for the poor and solidarity, by donating toys, stationary and other gifts and filling up Christmas shoeboxes. This year has been no different. We had donations from the youngest cohort, year 7 to the oldest year 13, and in between, providing enough to complete 44 boxes.

Then a small group of dedicated students helped to check and pack boxes before they were picked up. This year we managed to fill forty-four shoeboxes. The boxes will be sent to Fiji first, before they are distributed around some of the smaller Pacific islands to children who would not normally receive such wonderful gifts. Thank you to all those who donated so generously .
Mrs Karen Bloomfield
Teacher in Charge E:
Congratulations Te Mihi Potae and Karim Efremov on your success!!
During the recent SGCNZ’s National Shakespeare Schools Production (NSSP) leading New Zealand Directors, Workshop Tutors, and other expert personnel, constantly oversaw and evaluated the 48 students present. From this an exceptionally talented group 24 students were selected to represent the New Zealand Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand Young Shakespeare Company SGCNZ YSC. We are thrilled to have both Karim Efremov and Te Mihi Potae in this prestigious team to travel to the UK to perform on the stage of the Globe theatre in London in 2024. Karim and Te Mihi join a long list of 14 past John Paul students who have achieved this glory and represented New Zealand.
HoD Drama Gabrielle Thurston

Interhouse Competition

Kanea - 880 McKenna - 500 Rice - 800

La Salle - 650 MacKillop - 340

Rice House wins the inaugural Epro8 Inter-House Challenge!

The forty highest ranking Epro8 engineering students the college has to offer, formed ten formidable teams to represent the five college houses. Each house had two teams of four that were given seventy minutes to produce a fully functioning water wheel with a mechanical arm that could be used to crush grain for the production of bread.
Rice house got off to a fast start and proved too strong for the other teams finishing the project in sixty minutes closely followed by the top Mackillop team. Once the rankings of all ten teams were considered, Rice came out on top.

Event Points
La Salle

The event was a huge success for all participants who showed remarkable teamwork as they forged new friendships with students from different year levels and classes. The problem solving and determination on display was a credit to all involved
Paul Billing
Teacher in Charge E:

Physical Education Uniform

A small number of students are not wearing the correct PE uniform.
As well, an appropriate length in the shorts worn by students is expected.
Please read below what is the required uniform for Physical Education at JPC.

What do I wear?

Year 7 - 11 students wear the regulation JPC Black shorts and PE shirt. These can be purchased at the Uniform Shop. Sports shoes with sports socks are acceptable and appropriate for the two turfs. Sports leggings are allowed to be worn under the regulation PE shorts during terms 2 & 3. Stockings/tights worn under shorts are not acceptable.

There are times that students are unable to wear their correct PE uniform , e.g. students have used the uniform for sports practices. In these situations students may wear a suitable T-shirt and other appropriate shorts for physical activity. Students must provide a written note for their HPE teacher explaining why they are not wearing the correct uniform. Students with incorrect PE gear with a note may only participate for that week. The following is not suitable for physical activity at John Paul College e.g. league shorts, toweling shorts, tights, singlets, tank tops etc.

Year 12 students may continue to wear your PE uniform but it is not mandatory. However, you will need to wear clothing suitable/appropriate and acceptable for physical activity.

What do I do if I am unwell, injured and unable to participate?

You are to provide a written note for your teacher from your parent/caregiver explaining why you are unable to participate in that lesson. If you are unable to participate for more than a week you will require a doctor’s medical certificate. Your teacher will provide you with a task (this may involve written work).

Year 8 Aquatics, at the Aquatic Centre, RDC Tues 31st Oct - Thurs 2nd Nov Yr 8 Aquatics

Tuesday 31st Oct - 8PR (9.30-11.30am) and 8BM (12 Noon - 2pm) with Mr Biotha
Wednesday 1st Nov - 8LV (9.30am - 11.30am) and 8MB (12 Noon - 2pm) with Mrs Keaney
Thursday 2nd Nov - 8CC and 8WH with Ms Collins (similar time frame to above)
More information will be out this week.

Year 7 Beach Education at Omanu Surf Club, Mt Maunganui
Wed 29th Nov 7CW and 7WA
Thurs 30th 7WR and 7KK
Fri 1st Dec 7SK and 7SY
More information out Week 3.

Health Education

Yr 7 - 10 Real Talk presentations Mon 20th - Thurs 23rd Nov

Year 7 & 8 Life Education starts 20th Nov - 8th Dec
Ms Barb Northey
HOD Health & PE E:

Senior Debating Competition in the British Parliamentary Style.

On Saturday 30th September, I took eight students to Tauranga Boys' College to participate in a debating competition. This was a new style of debating for our students. Instead of two teams of three debating against each other, there were four teams of two, with a Government and Opposition side. Although we didn't place, it was a great learning experience for all. I was impressed with all eight students, particularly when there were some unexpected challenges! They all rose to the challenge and spoke with confidence. Finally, I was also proud of their collegiality and willingness to engage with students from other schools.
Students involved: Y12: Bailey Hitchens-Klenner, Janine Vagay, Fuwa Gao, Gargi Vaidya, Shoshana Wijeyekoon ,Sophia Choi, Y11: Chloe Carter and Nyla Fulo.
We will continue to run the debating club through Term 4, where the focus will lean back to our juniors, as the seniors go on study leave.
Mrs Ward

Adventure Racing Report

Over the holidays the JPC senior adventure racing team competed in the Hillary Challenge. This is the pinnacle event for High School adventure racing in NZ, with the top 12 teams in the country competing over 5 days.To put the event into perspective, the last day, or the easy day, is a just over 50km multiport race! Competition this year was extremely high, and teams were very well prepared. The JPC team showed outstanding commitment and calm under pressure, and scored the 2nd highest score for teamwork over the competition. The team of Poppy Martin, Lina Stahlhut, Emma Hickson, Morgan McCormack, Joshua Blundell, Sam Flinn, Robbie Monk and Marcel Kiss also had a fantastic expedition part of the race, scoring points very efficiently while trekking/running around the most exposed section of Mount Ruapehu over two days (carrying large packs etc). Overall the team came away a very credible 6th in a quality field and this is an excellent result.Special mention to Poppy Martin who snagged the leadership award for the event and Joshua Blundell who got the Navigator award (100% score on checkpoints attempted and successfully visited). At the level of this event, these are very special. Also thanks to Jodie Hickson for helping manage the team over the week.
Orienteering News

Marcus Brennan (Yr13) has just returned from an amazing 10 days of orienteering in Western Australia with the NZSS team. The squad competed in the Kambarang Orienteering Festival which incorporates the Australian Champs and Southern Cross Challenge (NZ vs Aussie States). Conditions and terrain were much different to home with lots of boulders, gumtrees and kangaroos to dodge whilst running in 34 degC heat. Highlights for Marcus was winning gold in both the U18 Mens Middle and Long Distance Champs and bronze as part of the NZ U20 Mens Relay team.

Congratulations to Sean Gapes who has had multiple successes in cricket. He has recently been selected for the Northern Districts Cricket U19 Academy. This Academy is extremely difficult to get into and only one Rotorua student was selected for this. Over the holidays Sean attended an Academy Training Programme at St Paul’s Collegiate. Northern Districts Cricket covers six Cricket Association Districts in New Zealand - Northland, Counties Manukau, Waikato Valley, Hamilton, Bay of Plenty and Poverty Bay.
Sean has also been selected into the prestigious Seddon Cricket Club, going on their Willows Tour in Christchurch earlier this year, and now selected for the National Queenstown Tournament Tour with the Club.
He has also been selected to represent Bay of Plenty in the Lakelands U19s team which will compete at Northern Districts tournament in Gisborne in December. As part of Lakelands, Sean was invited to provide pace bowling to the women’s national team (the White Ferns) prior to their South African tour.
To top the start of his cricket season, Sean’s Geyser Premier Mens team won the Chance Cup over the holidays, a four team T20 invitational tournament held in Rotorua.
Results are in for our National Spanish Speech Competition. WE congratulate Gargi Vaidya, who placed 2nd for her Level 2 Speech. We are very proud of this result at National level.¡Enhorabuena, Gargi! You always go the extra mile to make us all so proud and keep JPC “ in the news”. This morning our Spanish National advisor send her congratulations from Wellington.Saludos,


Calling all golfers (beginner or experienced.) After school golf lessons are continuing every Friday at Arikikapakapa (Rotorua) golf course with the awesome Niki. It is free & clubs are provided. If you are interested please contact me for further details.
Craig Cocking E:
TiC Golf
Want to try tennis out this summer?
Join Rotorua Tennis Club for $80 for a whole year which includes access to the courts, club days and tournaments. Welcome to come along and try it out.
Friday junior club day 3.30 to 4.15 for primary and beginner intermediate
4.15 to 5.45 for high school and advanced intermediate.
For more information contact Debra 021 335492 or
Coaching with club professional Justin Megraw is on Wednesday and Thursday. This is paid separately. See the details and sign up
NZRL wanting to create a Secondary School Rugby League Module in the Bay and are seeking Expressions of Interest from schools to see if this would be viable in 2024.

The preliminary schedule is designed to include mid-week games, with the commencement date set for May 1, 2024, during Term 2.

Grades: Under 15s and Open (16-18 years) Boys and Girls.
If you might be interested in playing Rugby League for school next year, please contact Matua Frank with your thoughts.
Dear Loving Parishioners and Friends, Kia Ora!
St Mary’s Church Roof: As informed last week, we had the combined meeting of Finance Council and Parish Council on Wednesday to discuss the proposed roof maintenance report sent by Q Construction. The members were of the opinion as evident in the report that Roof maintenance or replacement is necessary as the existing waterproofing membrane butynol rubber is at the end of its’ life expectancy (20-25 years). The existing skylights are also at the end of their life and need replacement. According to George Murray, the musty smell in the body of the Church can be an indication of a presence of black mould. So, we need to do what is necessary at the earliest. The cost seems to be up to one million if resource consent is required. Please refer to the Combined Council Meeting minutes in the foyer. The parishioners are free to give your suggestions, opinions, and views to the Parish Priest or to Brian Shaw or Edward Kirk orally or in writing. Thank you.
This is what we can do as a Parish Family: We come together as a community to preserve our Sacred Space, a place of Solace, Unity, and Hope. The time has come to protect our Church, ensuring it stands strong for generations to come.
Your contribution, no matter how big or small, as individuals and families will help us mend our beloved Church's Roof. Let's work hand in hand to keep our faith, our history, and our fellowship under one strong, unshakable roof. Together, we can make a difference that will echo through time. Pray in our families and in the Churches every day for this Special Intention.
Feast of St Anthony Mary Claret (24-10-2023): Anthony Claret was born in Sallent, Spain in 1807 and was Ordained a Priest in 1837. He worked as an Apostolic Missionary in Catalonia and the Canary Islands. In 1849 he founded the Congregation of the Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary which is also known as Claretian Missionary Fathers (CMF) today. He was appointed Arch-bishop of Santiago de Cuba and Confessor to Queen Isabel II of Spain. Claret died on October 24th, 1870, and was Canonised on May 7th, 1950. As we the Claretian Priests, (Thomas, Prakash, and Mohan) thank you parishioners for accepting and supporting us as your clergy, we request your prayers for our missionaries and missions around the world. Entrusting our Parish and Families to God through the Intercession of Saint Anthony Claret,
Yours in the Heart of Mary: Fathers Thomas, Prakash, and Mohan cmf.
Mrs Sheryl Hewitson – Careers & Transition Coordinator
Mrs Sherry Brewer - Junior School Careers Advisor
Mrs Jan Thompson – Careers Assistant/ Trades Coordinator
Ms Rachael Hindrup – Gateway Coordinator

Course Planning assists students with choosing their papers for tertiary study in 2024.

Update from Victoria University of Wellington
Do you need some help planning your courses for next year? The Future Students team will be hosting a drop-in course planning day in Tauranga this week!
Tauranga: 3.30–6.30 pm, Wednesday 18 October at Trinity Wharf Hotel
Career Workshop
On the last Friday of Term 3 a small group of students explored career pathways in Hairdressing. Students learnt about courses available at Toi Ohomai, and did hair ups, hot-tool styling and braiding
Air NZ Academy of Learning
Placement testing for 2024 courses are now open for registration at both Auckland & Christchurch training facilities. These are being held October - December.
Placement testing consists of assessments in English (Comprehension), Maths & Physics (Based on NCEA Level 2) & an Interview.
Registrations to be made via our website Drop down from Enrol Tab to register for chosen date/location.


The Eastland Generation $5,000 Scholarship for 2024, exclusively for aspiring engineering students, for students from the Kawerau or Whakatane area.Benefits of the scholarship can include:
  • Financial support to pursue higher education.
  • Potential paid holiday work opportunity with Eastland Generation during the summer
Application Deadline: October 30, 2023For this prestigious scholarship and explore further details, interested candidates can visit

The Zonta Club of Rotorua is offering a study award to a senior female student from a local high school enrolling in a tertiary based qualification in 2024.

The recipient of this award will:
  • have limited access to financial assistance
  • show potential to succeed in their chosen field of study
  • be active in school and community
  • be a diligent achiever
  • have received no other scholarships or awards
See Careers for an application form. Closing date is 8th December.
Reporoa Lions Club - Scholarship
They offer a scholarship of $2000 to a school leaver who is about to embark on a trade related or agricultural qualification, to assist with the financial costs associated with this.
· Applicants need to reside in any of the following areas – Reporoa,
Broadlands, Mihi, Rerewhakaaitu, Waikite, Ngakuru
· Minimum academic qualification of NCEA Level 2
Applications close 5th October. Further information available by coming into Careers.

Studylink helps students make informed choices about their student finance, how to apply for it and manage it online. Follow this link for help with what you need to do when you are starting to study:

GivMe database for Scholarships - check it out via our Careers page on JPC website. Click on givME image to sign up.

Find out more on our website

University Scholarships for Year 13 Students
MoneyHub has published a guide to hundreds of scholarships for any student planning to start university in 2024. is the link.
The comprehensive list includes scholarships offered by every university as well as those specifically available to local students.
· A list of privately funded, Maori, Pacific and International university scholarships completes the list
· Applications close throughout the year, with tens of millions of dollars available.
· MoneyHub has also published a list of tips for scholarship success.

MoneyHub has 10+ NCEA resources to help everyone attain merits and excellences - check it out and prepare for upcoming internals and externals with confidence.
· We have published a fantastic new guide to help any of your students attending the University of Auckland or Otago next year who plan to study Health Sciences/Biomed.
· We engaged two top-performing 4th year Auckland Medical School students and leading experts to put together a must-read guide, the first of its kind in New Zealand:
· Visit it here:
Ü What to Study: MoneyHub, a trusted consumer finance website, offers a comprehensive guide for students grappling with decisions about their future studies. The guide offers insights and showcases twenty jobs currently in high demand. For more details, visit the What to Study page.
ÜStudent Loans: MoneyHub has compiled a straightforward guide explaining the workings of student loans in one place. To learn more, visit the Student Loans page.
ÜStudent Money Tips: MoneyHub presents a resourceful guide loaded with tips, tools, and insights to equip students for their financial journey post-school. To explore more, visit the Student Money Tips page.