September 2023 Edition
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Menzies College Newsletter

22nd September 2023 - Term 3 Week 10

From the Principal's Desk

Kia ora koutou katoa

The rain has brought an abrupt end to Term 3. I hope you and your whanau are well out of harm's way.

The Board of Trustees accepted the resignation of Doctor Kit Hustler, effective from next year, at our last meeting. Kit is ready to move into the next phase of life and give more time to pursuing his many interests.
Kit’s passion for the environment has inspired many students during his time at Menzies College. His teaching encourages scientific curiosity and inquiry. Local curriculum came alive with monitoring of water quality, kokopu and fish numbers. There was also extensive clearing of noxious plans and planting of native trees at the Oxbow, under Kit’s guidance. Please check these links to get more of an idea about Kit’s significant contribution, not only to Menzies College but also to the scientific knowledge of the Kokopu fish species.
TKI article
You Tube clip

Congratulations to Karen Clark, an existing Biology teacher in the department, who has been
appointed as Head of Department from 2024. Karen is an exceptional teacher who is ready and able to take on the responsibility and challenge of leading the department in the foreseeable future.

Thank you to Emma Hamilton for teaching in 7LL on Tuesdays and Wednesdays this term while we found a permanent teacher for the class. Michael Wirepa will be full time from the start of next term.

Senior students will have their results from practice exams and should know what is required for them to perform at their best in the external exams starting on November 6th . All seniors are welcome at school between 10 and 2pm, Monday to Friday in the second week in the holidays. This is an opportunity for tuition in some subjects and a time and place for those who may find it difficult to get motivated at home.

Whanau Conferences for Year 9 to 13 are on Tuesday 10th October, the first week of next term. This is an important opportunity to find out about progress and start planning for subject selection for 2024. There will also be two opportunities, at 3.45pm and 6pm, to hear about NCEA changes and how they will affect students next year. Please make an effort to be there with your young people.

It has been an extremely busy last week of term. The final ski trip took place on Saturday, thank you Margie Dale for all of your organisation with these. The Equestrian team, organised by Lucy McKelvie, competed on Sunday at Sandy Point in difficult conditions. Great South were at school promoting careers in Southland to our Year 9 and 10 students on Monday, thank you to Louise Youngson for organising this. Margie Dale had the year 13 Chemists in Dunedin for titration work at Otago University. The LMV Science Club Plus Afterschool programme finished on Wednesday. Organised by Margie Dale and taught by Simon Pearce, Eamon Dakin, Carl Lambert, Beth Brown, Jonny Brown, Matt Cook, Karen Clark, Steph Parkinson, Freya Haanen, Hagen Ferguson, Bailey Soper and Samantha Johnstone. There were 52 Menzies students that helped out the 121 primary students from six different schools. Thank you to Claire Hayes for helping with transport and Judy Gould, Debbie Landreth and Andrea Russell for administration support.

Thank you to Lucy McKelvie and the Arts and Culture Committee for their fabulous “Dancing with the Staff” production on Wednesday. It was a fun event that everyone enjoyed. Mrs Dale and Hunter Richards were popular winners with their Rock and Roll number. Check the videos out on our Facebook page. (You will need to have a Facebook account and may have to send a 'friend request' to view these)
Menzies College Facebook page

On Wednesday evening it was the turn of the Maths brains to shine, with teams from Year 7 to 10 competing at the annual SMAC Maths competition. We are extremely proud of all the teams competing. The Year 10 team made up of Jessica Dodds, Maddison Elliott, Elise Knapp and Nicholle Bedrijo finished third. This is a huge achievement. Thank you to Sue Crighton, Sarah White, David Lewis and Bailey Soper for supporting the event.

The final element of the Administration area upgrade is complete with the installation of privacy frosting on the sliding door. This also incorporates a design by Alazhe Meihana-Te Whata that represents the three local rivers, school, community and unity.

We have also been presented with two generous gifts this week. Caltex Mataura again nominated Menzies College to receive $1000 worth of petrol vouchers to help encourage participation in sport. A big thank you to Debbie and John Smith for their generosity. Please thank them the next time you are filling up. The sports coordinator will help decide how best to distribute these.

Russell Smart presented a drum kit to Peter Power provided through the Fuel for Schools scheme. This is a painless way to help provide extra equipment for all students to use if you get bulk fuel deliveries. Please check out this link if it applies to you.
Fern Energy Fuel for Schools

Good luck to the trap shooting team of Bridget Scobie, Ben McLellan and Alex Smith as they head away to compete in the National Secondary Schools Clay Target Championships in Hamilton.

Congratulations to the following Menzies students who have been selected for representative rugby teams:
  • I Hire Southland Country U18 Squad 2023
    • Kody Crump, Hunter Richards, Arden Knapp, Alex Burgess and Logan van der Straaten
  • Southern Mechanical Service Southland U16 Girls Squad 2023
    • Zoe Crosswell
Happy holidays everyone.
Nga mihi nui
Kath Luoni

A collage of photos taken during our LMV Science Club Plus Afterschool programme
The presentation by Fern Energy
Caltex Petrol Voucher presentation
A collage of Ski trip photos.

Important Dates

  • Friday 22 - Last day of Term 3
  • Monday 9 - First day Term 4
  • Tuesday 10 - Year 9 - 13 whanau conferences/subject selection
  • Monday 23 - Labour Day
  • Friday 3 - Last day for Senior students
  • Monday 6 - NCEA exams begin
  • Wednesday 15 - Year 7 & 8 homeroom conferences
  • Friday 17 - Discovery Day for 2024 New Entrants
  • Monday 27 - Thursday 30 - Year 10 Mavora Camp
  • Thursday 7 - Senior Prizegiving
  • Friday 8 - Junior prizegiving

Dancing with the Staff 2023

A write-up about this event will be included in next term's first newsletter. Due to not being able to get into school we are unable to access the stunning photos from this event - they are not to be missed!

Achievement Slip Draw

The Term 3, Week 9 Junior prize draw winners are:
Wylie Clarke, Blake Manson, Olivia Landreth, Mahalia Mitchell and Mrs Beth Brown

The Term 3, Week 10 Senior prize draw winners will be drawn at the start of Term 4, due to not being able to access the achievement slips to draw these today.

Please collect your $5 canteen vouchers from the school office during break times.

Discovery Day 2023

On Friday 17th November Menzies College welcomes all new entrants for 2024. If you are joining us at Menzies next year, you will receive information about this from your primary school. Should you have any further questions feel free to contact the Menzies office.

Returning trophies

The academic, sporting and cultural trophies from the 2022 prizegiving are now due back to the school office. Please have these back to the school office no later than October 20th. (The end of week 2, Term 4)


Exam tutorials for Seniors

LUNCH - A light lunch will be served in the FOODS ROOM from 12.45 to 13.15 ( please inform Mr Lewis of any special dietary needs)

The school will be open if you wish to come in and study . This can be by yourself or as a group.


Level 1 Ag
Music Room
All levels
Room 10
Woodwork Room
Mr Ritani
Level 1-3 Health

Mr Ritani
PE and Health

Lab 2
Room 10
Woodwork Room
Mr Ritani
Level 1-3 Health

Lab 2
Level 1 DVC
Graphics Room
Room 10

Level 1 DVC
Graphics Room

Room 8
All levels
Level 1 DVC
Graphics Room

BCITO Woodwork Room
Level 1 DVC
Graphics Room

Mr Ritani
Level 1-3 Health

Room 8
All levels
Level 1 DVC
Graphics Room

Lab 2
Level 1 DVC
Graphics Room
Room 10

Level 1 DVC
Graphics Room

Room 8
All levels
Level 1 DVC
Graphics Room

BCITO Woodwork Room
Level 1 DVC
Graphics Room

Mr Ritani
Level 1-3 Health

Room 8
All levels
Level 1 DVC
Graphics Room

Lab 2

‘Work Ready Passport’ Programme

Recently our Year 10 students have been studying the above programme through tutors from ‘Great South’. Topics covered included:’ Who Am I?’, ‘What’s My Job?’.,’Skills Job Match’, ‘Fit For Work’ and ‘Show me The Money’. After successfully completing the workbook, students were involved in a careers speed dating event last Monday afternoon.

Exhibitors were from: Rayonier Matariki Forests - looking at forestry; Nga Kete - looking at nursing/Māori health and wellbeing; Southern Group Training - looking at apprenticeships; Site Civil - looking at engineering; The Base - looking at being a personal trainer; Three Rivers Contracting; Agresearch - looking at Agricultural Science; and Mito - looking at automotive and heavy diesel apprenticeships and on the job training programmes.

The students were divided into small groups and rotated around the exhibitors to experience hands on activities. The students were fully engaged and seemed very interested in the experiences and information offered at the event.

I enjoyed meeting up with three exhibitors who are past students from Menzies College: Nadine Young with Nga Kete; Jeffery Robinson, one of the owners of Three Rivers Contracting and Doctor Kathryn McRae from Agresearch. Besides enjoying the hugs, it is always great to catch up with our previous students. These three young people illustrate the wide range of vocational pathways our students can go onto on leaving school.

We are very grateful to Great South for introducing the programme to our Year 10 students and the sponsors who made it possible. We are keen to continue with the programme next year. It is a wonderful introduction to starting to prepare our students for their future careers.

Barbara Williams
HOD Transition

Junior Art - Britto inspired Artwork from 8CL

This term 8CL has been studying the work of artist Romero Britto, who was born in Brazil and currently works and lives in Miami. Firstly students were introduced to colour theory and learned about complementary colour schemes. They then experimented with mixing their own colours from the three primary colours and painted them on a colour wheel. This consolidated their knowledge of colour, whilst practising paint application in a controlled manner. After analysing one of Britto’s artworks, they then began creating and emulating Britto’s bright, bold style. Using card as a substitute for steel, students made their mini wall sculptures. Below are a few examples of their work.

Wendy Ritson
Art Teacher
Kadence Hunter
Kingston Trevithick
Nathan Bariuad
Beau Pemberton
Baylee Morris

Year 13 Chemistry trip to Otago University

Below are some pictures showing what Mrs Dale's Year 13 Chemistry class got up to in the Chemistry department at Otago University this week. They were carrying out a practical investigation into the trend in salinity of water samples that they had collected from the Waihōpai River in the weeks prior.

Music Class Visit to SIT

Our Level One Music class spent last Friday at the SIT Music Department. We were treated to a personal tour, a lunchtime concert (great quality music) and finished with a tour through SIT Sound. We listened to $100,000 speakers, looked at studios and broke Jake's phone.
It was a fantastic day!
Peter Power
Teacher in charge of Music

Boardgame donations sought

Getting the kids to help spring clean the house these holidays? The Menzies College Board Gaming Group are looking for donations to add to their collection. This game collection is available for all students to play at lunchtimes on Tuesdays and Fridays, so if you find some unwanted games or game pieces over the break, please bring them into school in term 4. Keen to donate to the game purchasing fund instead? Contact to see the current student wishlist.
Beth Brown
Teacher and boardgame enthusiast

Sports uniforms to be returned

All sports uniforms must be returned clean and in good condition to the school office before the end of term. Any unreturned uniforms will incur a $50 replacement charge at the start of term 4

Menzies Extra-Curricular Hoodie

Below is the link to take you to the order form for the new extra-curricular hoodie.
To order you must use this link and order form, these are not available for purchase at the school office. Please note these are not to be worn as daily uniform, they are for sports only.

Order form

Get2Go Challenge

This year Menzies entered a team in Get2Go , a multisport event. Our team consisted of Jessica Alknse, Fletcher Morton, Ellie McKelvie, Sophie Geary, Ryan Lemon, Tom Blackmore, Lucas van der Straaten, and Sophie Frantz (and an injured Josh Landreth, who came along as team mascot).

We started the day early, heading off from school at 6:00am. When we arrived in Kelvin Heights, we got briefed on what the day was going to look like. Everyone was excited but a bit nervous.

Our team did kayaking first. Going in groups of threes, we had to kayak a little lap around some buoys. It took a lot of coordination and communication to get the blow up kayaks to go where we wanted! By the time we had got the hang of it, 50 minutes was up and we were off to do the biking part. A quick change into dry clothes and we were into biking around a very swervy, rocky little track. We were allowed to have two people biking at once, so the girls took turns, and so did the boys. 50 minutes later and we were done. It was time to head over to Shotover Country for the last part of Get2Go - orienteering. Every team was split into two groups. We then had one hour to get to as many checkpoints as we could. And we made sure we were back in time, because otherwise every minute you were late cost 20 points! Our team's points were combined to make our final score.

Finally, it was time to head home after a fun, action filled day. However, we couldn't forget to stop and grab a well earned snack on the drive home. Overall, we placed 13th out of 15. Although we didn't win, we had a great day, and all had new memories to go home with.
A massive thanks to everyone who helped make this day as awesome as it was! Our team couldn't have gotten as far as we did without the wonderful parents who volunteered to be our taxis, and Amy van der Straaten and Daisy Stewart who volunteered to be our coaches before the event.
Sophie Frantz
Year 9 student

Menzies College Football Players off to Tournament

Three Menzies students have been selected in the Southland Under-16 Girls Football team to attend the South Island Tournament in Dunedin during the term break. Congratulations to Savanah Costello, Amy van der Straaten and Zoe Muir. The players will play against teams from around the country, from Auckland to Dunedin. The tournament runs from the 2nd - 4th October and their first three games are against Auckland United, Coastal Spirit and FC Twenty. They will play around five games for the tournament.
Good luck to the girls.
Carl Lambert
Teacher & Southland U16 Girls Football coach

Future Wahs Give League a Go!

With rugby league being a hot topic right now, it seems fitting to shine the spotlight on some up and coming league talent. Year 9 Menzies students Jack Medley, Ryan Lemon and Lucas van der Straaten all play for the Invercargill junior rugby league team, He Tauaa under-14s.
Below are some photos of the boys in action - pictured in red and gold tops, with the ball.
Lucas with the ball
Ryan Lemon
Jack Medley

Mental Health Awareness week - Setting a goal and smashing it!

Kia ora, I’m Shelley Neal, a Teacher Aide at Menzies College.
As you are aware, this week is Mental Health Awareness Week.
On the 11th August I decided to set myself a huge challenge that would test me both mentally and physically. My table tennis coach says if you are going to do something, make it a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)
The challenge that I set myself was to ride a marathon bike ride of 42.4kms (with hills) each day for 42 days in a row with no excuses!
I set up my Zwift trainer at home and focused on my goal of
completing each ride before midnight each day.
I am pleased to report that I completed my last ride on Thursday 21st September. I rode a total of 1,781kms and the hills that I tackled were the equivalent of one and half times the height of Mt Everest.
We all have challenges in all aspects of life and it is easy to get overwhelmed by things. But my advice is not only to ‘think big’ but also to ‘think small’. Break down those huge tasks into smaller ones and take things one day at a time. It’s amazing what you can achieve that you never thought would be possible.
“No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and never give up.”

Murihiku Ki o rahi Competition

If any Menzies students are interested in taking part in this, a link for sign up can be found in the daily notices.

Community Notices

Wyndham and District Historical Society Fundraising event, Wednesday 4th October

Please note that the WDHS is offering children's ticket prices of $10 to local children to enable them to experience this high class event.

Tickets are available by email from , from any WDHS committee member, Wyndham Four Square or Jagged Razors Salon, Edendale.

Family Works Parenting Programme

The Family Works Parenting Programme for Term 4 is scheduled to start on Wednesday 18 October 2023. The programme runs on Wednesday mornings for 8 weeks and covers the question; “How can I, as a parent, effectively manage all the differences in my family?”
Topics covered include Ages and Stages of development, Behaviour Management Strategies and Emotional Regulation.
To register for this programme please contact Shona – phone 027 225 4477, or email
The programme is interactive, informative and fun.
All welcome

Free Healthcare - Minor Ailments Service

Te Whatu Ora has introduced a free Healthcare service, available in Southland/Invercargill/Gore for under 14s, and other eligible people suffering from ailments such as Eczema/Dermatitis, eye or skin infections etc.
ZOOM Pharmacy can consult on a range of minor health conditions under the free Minor Ailments Service. If appropriate, pharmacists can supply funded medicines and treatment aids delivered directly to your door for free.
For more information click on the link below.

Minor Ailments Service - Southland/Gore


Youth Group on the 23rd September - a trip to Jump'n'Fun
Cost $15.
Anyone year 9 and up is welcome. Pick-up and drop-off at the Christian Activity Centre, George Street, Edendale