October 2023 Edition
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Menzies College Newsletter

20th October 2023 - Term 4 Week 2

From the Principal's Desk

Kia ora koutou katoa

Two weeks have sped by. Our Year 11 to 13 students are eagerly anticipating going on study leave in two weeks time, with NCEA external examinations officially starting on Monday 6th November. Friday 3rd November will be a celebration day with a focus on Year 13 completing their time at Menzies College.
The year 13 group have contributed generously to the culture of Menzies College this year. They have lead by example, working together to promote the values of Menzies College. Highlights include: the way they welcomed Year 7 students at Camp Columba in February; their promotion and support of house competitions and committees; the disco for students in the district; the organisation of the snack shop and assemblies.
Friday the 3rd of November will be a memorable day for them for all the right reasons, others are welcome to be part of the activities provided they honour the spirit of the day. Tasteful pranks are expected at the start of the day. A shared lunch and our annual Tabloid Sports are planned in the afternoon along with a water fight to end the day. If students want to be involved in this, they must bring a change of clothes. High powered water soakers are not allowed. The water fight is optional.

Thank you to Sar Latanafrancia for organising a get-together on Monday evening for the families of our Filipino students. It was a great opportunity for everyone to connect over shared food and good conversation. This year Sar, Maxine Lomboy, Ralph Raluto and Chloe Laurie have gone out of their way to welcome new Filipino students and help build a sense of belonging at Menzies College. I am very appreciative of this and hope to continue to build on the work they have started, with the help of our senior Filipino students next year.

Thank you to the following businesses who have nominated Menzies College as recipients of the Fuel for Schools, Fern Energy programme:
CA Moncur - 80 Spence Road
Matai Farms Ltd
Dean Dairies Limited
Titiroa Transport Limited
NoddyƋ's Contracting Limited
Filiuknz Dairies Ltd
Fiwi Dairies Limited
Ingleside Ltd
Alkenz Dairy Ltd

Congratulations to:
  • Reece Lynch and Jack Ramage who have both received $15 000 Māori Entrance
    Scholarships from Otago University and Josie McLellan who receives a $6 000 Future
    Leaders Scholarship from Otago University
  • Savanah Costello, Zoe Muir and Amy van der Straaten for their success in the South Island 16th Grade Girls Football Tournament in the holidays. This team was coached by Carl Lambert.
  • The Menzies College Shooting Team who competed at both the North Island and New Zealand Secondary Schools Clay Target Shooting Championships in Hamilton in the holidays
  • Jessica Scobie who has been identified as a 2023 Top Performer for Shooting in Southland as part of the Southland Secondary Schools Sports Awards
  • Shelley Neal who represented New Zealand in the Australian Championships in the holidays. Shelley won Silver in the Over 30 years singles and Bronze in the Over 40 years mixed Doubles team. Shelley was ranked third overall in the order of Merit in the Over 30 category
Nga mihi nui
Kath Luoni

Important Dates

  • Monday 23 - Labour Day
  • Thursday 2 - Year 13 Dinner
  • Friday 3 - Last day for Senior students
  • Monday 6 - NCEA exams begin
  • Friday 17 - Discovery Day for 2024 New Entrants
  • Monday 27 - Thursday 30 - Year 10 Mavora Camp
  • Thursday 7 - Senior Prizegiving
  • Friday 8 - Junior Prizegiving
  • Friday 8 - Last day for all students
  • Monday 11 - Staff Only day

Dancing with the Staff 2023

On Wednesday afternoon (20 Sept), Menzies College held our very own version of Dancing with the Stars - ‘Dancing with the Staff'. Dances ranged from the 80s, Irish dancing, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Ballet, Hip Hop and Line dancing. We held this along with a mufti day for a gold coin donation, as each performance group nominated a charity of their choosing. The winners of the competition got to donate the money to the charity of their choice. We raised $369.30 in total.

First we saw some fabulous Irish dancing from Josie, Liana, Naidene and Talia who were accompanied by Mr Power and Mr Hayes. The dance was fun to watch and from what I heard was a blast to learn.

Up next was our very own hip-hop master Ngawai and Mr Ritani. These guys blew us out of the park with some fabulous moves, and it was great to see that Mr Ritani could do something other than hockey and teaching.

Following the hip-hop act were our very own 'ballerinas' - Mr Kerslake and Manea. The act brought laughter to the school as we saw Mr Kerslake attempting to follow Manea. And if you didn't notice, Mr Kerslake was all dolled up in some pretty pink makeup to go with the tutu.

Next up and onto a different decade, the 80s! Sar and Ralph were joined by new staff members, Mrs Brown and Miss Haanen. If there was a title for ‘best-dressed group’, I believe that we found the winners here. As the performance was in full swing, a sudden cut in the music left one choice - to sing. Bravely enough Mrs Brown saved the performance by continuing on the song ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ and the whole school then joined in on live karaoke to help them out.

The sixth and final act of the afternoon was some beautiful line dancing where Jack, Reece, and Mrs Clark joined in with some fabulous country dancing, with our English teachers Mrs Knapp and Mrs McKelvie. Both teachers started the performance with Ed Sheeran's song ‘Shivers’ and really got the crowd going. About halfway through the performance the group was joined by year 13’s Alexis, Emma, Alazhe, and Sophie who gave the performance of their lifetime. Spotted walking below the stage, to bring the country line-dance to life, was a horse!

The fifth act, who did a Rock ‘n’ Roll inspired dance, were proud members of Totara House, Mrs Dale and Hunter Richards. These guys rocked the stage and had great chemistry together which led them to being crowned the 2023 winners of Dancing with the Staff. Mrs Dale and Hunter's chosen cause to donate to is the Palliser family.

Our judges were our very own Mr Roger Sneddon, and Mrs Beth Campbell, who had a tough time deciding who the winner would be. They did an amazing job and if we had more competitions like this in the future, then we would love to have them back again. We appreciate all the staff and students who took part in the competition and are very proud of what you guys did. We would like to give thanks and gratitude to Mrs McKelvie and Mr Power, for all of the work you put into making this happen.

Ollie Gutsell
Year 13 student

Achievement Slip Draw

The term 3, Week 10 senior draw winners couldn't be drawn on the last day of term with us being closed due to flooding. The winners for this draw are:
Simone Vesey, Senne Byrne, Jordon O'Brien, Manea Mason-Guillard and Mr Peter Power

The Term 4, Week 1 Junior prize draw winners are:
Dusty Coley, Cody McCleery, Floyd Paterson, Jesse Cowan and Mrs Karen Clark

The Term 4, Week 2 Senior prize draw winners are:
Neisa Pili, Rachel Moncur, Kahu Sutherland, Olivia Perriam and Mrs Sue Crighton.

Please collect your $5 canteen vouchers from the school office during break times.

Discovery Day 2023

On Friday 17th November Menzies College welcomes all new entrants for 2024. If you are joining us at Menzies next year, you will receive information about this from your primary school. Should you have any further questions feel free to contact the Menzies office.

Returning trophies

The academic, sporting and cultural trophies from 2022's prizegiving are now over-due back to the school office. These were to be returned to the school office no later than October 20th.
Please get these into the school office ASAP!

School Lunch Menu for Term 4

(Monday to Friday) four week turnaround
Week 1
Veg Nachos
Chicken Burger
Roast Beef Salad
Plum 5 spice Chicken Drumsticks
Cheese Burger Pizza

Week 2
Roast Pork Fillet + Veggies with gravy
Apricot chicken wrap
Teriyaki Pork Poke Bowl
Smoked Chicken Salad
Beef Burger

Week 3
Pork Enchillada Hash
Apricot Chicken pizza
Plum 5 spice Pork Poke Bowl
Chicken + Roast veg salad
Chicken Burger

Week 4
Beef Burritos
Teriyaki Chicken Drumsticks
Corned Beef Sandwich
Roast Chicken + Veggies with gravy
Beef Burgers

SMAC Maths 2023

On Wednesday 20th September, we had a group of students compete in SMAC, the Southland Mathematics Association Competition at James Hargest College. Special thanks to the parents who provided transport for this. We were so proud of all our competitors who represented Menzies. The following teams competed:

Year 7
Ben Geary, Case Dickson, Cruz Isaacs, Haylee Moir, Charlie Frantz, Halen Mc Kenzie,
Rilan Anderson and Aisha Raluto

Year 8
Beau Pemberton, Nadine Abella, Zoe Muir, Jesse Howe, Lucy Smyth, Andrei Raga,
Charlie Blackmore and Kadence Hunter

Year 9
Maddix Dickson, Tom Blackmore, Bre Isaacs, Sophie Frantz, Emily Paterson, Nathan Bariuad,
Sophie Geary and Van Coley

Year 10
Tom Blackmore, Maddison Elliott, Sophie Frantz, Nicholle Bedrijo, Cooper Kennedy, Elise Knapp, Hudson Roy and Jessica Dodds

The year 10 team that composed of Maddison Elliott, Nicholle Bedrijo, Elise Knapp and Jessica Dodds came third which is an outstanding result.
In Year 7 Menzies 1 and 2 both scored 70 points and were 8th =,
Year 8 Menzies 2 scored 40 points and was 14th =, while Menzies 1 scored 25 points and was 19th =.
In year 9 Menzies 1 scored 50 points and was 11th equal and Menzies 2 scored 20 points and was 19th =.
In year 10 Menzies 1 scored 110 points and Menzies 2 scored 50 points and was 17th =.

Sue Crighton
Head of Mathematics
The Menzies Year 10 team who placed third, L to R: Nicholle Bedrijo, Maddison Elliott, Elise Knapp and Jessica Dodds.
Our other Year 10 team, pictured with Mr Lewis, (L to R): Tom Blackmore, Sophie Frantz, Hudson Roy and Cooper Kennedy
One of our Year 7 teams, pictured with Miss Soper (L to R): Cruz Isaacs, Charlie Frantz, Rilan Anderson and Ben Geary.

Year 8 Science Animal study

Thank you to all the Year 8 parents, caregivers and other whanau for the patience you have shown, and the help you have given to get your Year 8 student the equipment for their Science Pet. In some cases getting the actual animal. This year we have a selection of slaters, snails, brine shrimps, tadpoles, frogs, fish, eels and crayfish. All the groups have been working well in getting these habitats set up and we have been very impressed by the hard work many students have done outside of class time. My lab is generally full of year 8 students, before school, breaktime and lunchtime. These are very well looked after animals!
Below are images of some of the students and their animals.
Karen Clark
Science Teacher

William Leitch and his eel.

Alia Muntz and her frog.
Zoe Muir, Lucy Smyth & Lila Cabrera with their fish.

FernEnergy Drumkit donation being enjoyed!

Below is a picture of the school's new electronic drumkit being enjoyed by some of our Year 10 students. Pictured left to right: Sophie Ross, Jessica Scobie, Renee Crump and Alyssa Gauldie.

Menzies Clay Target Shooting representation at National Tournament

Just before the end of last term the Clay Target Shooting team, along with some of the Gore High Team, went to Hamilton for the North Island and New Zealand Secondary Schools Championships. Our departure was a bit rushed as we headed to Queenstown for our flights to Auckland, just ahead of the flooding.

On the Saturday our team competed in the North Island Championships, with Alex Smith shooting a possible 10/10 targets in the Single Barrel, and getting 1st Senior (second overall) in this event.

Sunday saw the team competing in the New Zealand Championships, but unfortunately there were no placings for any of our team. Monday saw just Alex competing in the Skeet events - the weather wasn't cooperating with Alex being just a target or two behind the place-getters in each event.

Thanks to the parents who travelled with both teams and to our team of Alex Smith, Bridget Scobie and Ben McLellan for being such a great bunch to be away with. We would like to thank our Sponsors: MLT, Livestock Supplies, Super Air, and Shooters World. Also thanks to St Paul's Collegiate for hosting us and for the amazing meals in their boarding house.

Last week Alex Smith has been named as Highest qualifier in the South Island Junior Skeet team, with a qualifying score of 74/75

If anyone is thinking of giving Clay Target Shooting a try, we will be starting up again early next year

Warren Ayers

Eastern Southland Primary School Tennis Tournament

Well done to Year 7 students Stan Hunter and Reuben Alksne, and Year 8 students Charlie Blackmore, Zoe Muir and Jesse Howe who represented Menzies College at the Eastern Southland Primary School Tennis Tournament, on Thursday 19th October. Congratulations to Zoe Muir and Jesse Howe who will be representing Eastern Southland at the Southland Tennis tournament next month.
Pictured below - left tot right: Stan Hunter, Charlie Blackmore, Zoe Muir, Jesse Howe and Reuben Alksne.

Southland United takes out South Island Title

Our very own Menzies College students, Savanah Costello, Zoe Muir and Amy van der Straaten have had success at the South Island 16th Grade Girls Football Tournament in Dunedin by winning the tournament final with a 1 - 0 win over Auckland United. The team finished second in their Pool "B" after three teams finished on 6 points each. Auckland United (+2 goal difference), Southland United (+1 goal difference) and FC Twenty ( 0 goal difference) ended up going through because they scored one goal more than FC Twenty. In the semi-finals Southland United faced Dunedin City Royals and scored a 1 - 0 win to progress to the final on Wednesday. In the final the team scored after 20 mins and held that lead until the end to win 1 - 0 over Auckland United, to be crowned the champions. Well done to the players and team Management of Brandy Brown and Carl Lambert.
The results for Pool B:
Southland United 1 - 0 Auckland United;
Southland United 1 - 2 FC Twenty;
Southland United 3 - 2 Coastal Spirit;
Semi- final - Southland United 1 - 0 Dunedin City Royals;
16th Grade South Island Tournament Final - Southland United 1 - 0 Auckland United

Carl Lambert
Teacher in charge of Football
Please contact Mrs Adam or Mrs Taylor if you are interested in taking part in this Junior Adventure Race, as registrations need to be via the school.

Australian Table Tennis Championships

Below are some pictures of Shelley Neal at the Australian Table Tennis Championships in Canberra, as mentioned above in Mrs Luoni's write-up.

Community Notices

Edendale Scout Group AGM
31 October 2023, 7pm at the Edendale Scout Den- 43 Seaward Rd, Edendale.
All welcome (nibbles provided)
Please support our local scout group
R.S.V.P: Rhonda Winn - 0210435430 or Chairperson: Birgit Pemberton - 0212518188


Entries are now open for applications to the Waimumu Arts Scholarship 2023.
This Scholarship will be awarded to an emerging and developing artist who is undertaking courses/training to further their artistic aspirations.
Please send written application (max 250 words) to: waimumuartexhibition@gmail.com
no later than the 31/10/23.