August 2023 Edition
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Menzies College Newsletter

18th August 2023 - Term 3 Week 5

From the Principal's Desk

Kia ora koutou katoa

We have been working with SchoolDocs to create a website for our policies and procedures. The site is now live and available to our school community. The school works on a subscription basis with SchoolDocs to maintain, update, and
review our policies. SchoolDocs provides us with a comprehensive core set of policies, which have been well researched and align with the National Education and Learning Priorities.
The policies and procedures are tailored to our school, and the school supplies specific information such as our charter and procedures for behaviour management, reporting to parents, etc. SchoolDocs updates, modifies, or creates policies in response to changes in
legislation or Ministry guidelines, significant events, reviews/requests from schools and regular reviewing from the SchoolDocs team. Our school board has the opportunity to view changes/additions and comment on them before they are implemented. We will advise you when policies are up for review and how you can take part in the review.
The site can be found here:
Username: menzies
Password: alma

The first policy we need some feedback on is the Firearms Policy. This is not one of the standard policies so is not found on the site yet. We have included the draft policy at the end of the newsletter. It is required because we have a Claybird Shooting Team. If you have any feedback on the policy, could you please forward it to me by Friday 25th August at

Tournament Week starts from Monday 28th August. We have the Senior Boys Basketball team competing in Nelson with Tim Landreth, JM Nunez, Kegan Knapp, Katrina Read and Andrea Russell supporting them. The Senior Hockey team is competing in Oamaru with Dean and Katrina Ritani supporting them. The Under 15 Rugby team (combined with Gore High School) compete in Alexandra. They are supported by Marcia Kennedy, Bathan Muir and Mark Bennett as well as Gore High personnel. The Senior A Netball team are competing in Invercargill with Georgia Yeoman and Lilly McKenzie as coach and manager. We are very grateful for the
community support that allows our rangatahi to compete in these tournaments.
Students will be reminded of the high standards they are expected to maintain as
representatives of Menzies College.

Due to the number of staff and students away week 7 there will be no newsletter, the next one will be week 8 on the 8th September, which will include Tournament results.

Good luck to:
  • The Year 9 and 10 Development Netball team for their finals clash against
    Gore High Junior A on Saturday
Nga mihi nui
Kath Luoni

Important Dates

  • Tuesday 22 - Polyfest
  • Wednesday 23 - House Haka/Waiata performance
  • Thursday 24 - Yellow 'Daffodil day' Mufti Day
  • Monday 28 - Friday 1 September - Tournament week
  • Monday 11 - Friday 15 - Senior practice exams
  • Monday 11 - Get2Go Challenge
  • Wednesday 20 - Dancing with the Staff
  • Friday 22 - Last day of Term 3

Winter sport representative

Congratulations to the following Menzies College students who have been selected as representatives in the following sports:

Lexie Kimura
Abby Morton
Eastern Southland Netball U16

Bridget Scobie
Josie McLellan
Olivia Perriam
Eastern Southland Netball U18

Sophie Ferguson
Southland Country U18 Netball

Savanah Costello
Amy van der Straaten
Southland Football under-16 Girls team

Jack Ramage
Southland U23 Mens basketball team

Ollie Glynn
Eastern Southland U13 Boys Basketball team

Sar Latanafrancia
Jack Ramage
Arden Knapp
Reece Lynch
Ralph Raluto
Eastern Southland U19 Boys Basketball

Maddix Dickson
Zac North
Eastern Southland U15 Boys (B) Basketball

Sophie Ferguson
Eastern Southland U17 Girls Basketball

Alex Smith
South Island Junior Skeet Team.

Planned absences

We appreciate the absence notifications that come through each morning, whether they are by phone message, text message or via the school app. Please avoid sending these through via direct email.

If you need to collect your child from school during the school day, we require notification of this prior to them signing out. By receiving this notification the parent can avoid having to come in to sign their student out.

If your child is going to be absent from school, and you know this in advance, we appreciate as much notice as possible. If they are to be away for more than 3 school days, we require a Planned Absence form to be completed by parents and the student's teachers, before being submitted to Mr Ritani. These forms are available from the school office.

Achievement Slip Draw

The Term 3, Week 4 Senior prize draw winners are:
Tyraine Moseley, Jodi Power, Jamie Read, Sophie Leitch and Mr Tim Landreth.

The Term 3, Week 5 Junior prize draw winners are:
Iyland Roberts, Myah Dean, Jacob Stuck, Bailey Liddell and Mrs Wendy Ritson

Please collect your $5 canteen vouchers from the school office during break times.

School Firearms Policy

Menzies College may allow student involvement with firearms for educational purposes.
Firearms Policy sets out the practices in place for firearms to ensure that the school minimises risks, complies with legislation and provides a safe physical and emotional environment for its students.

The school’s firearms policy is part of its wider Health, Safety, and Welfare Policy and works in
conjunction with the Risk Management Policy. It operates under the legal framework of the Arms Act 1983, Arms Regulations 1992, and Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. It covers “what is acceptable in terms of firearms on and off school grounds, offsite activities involving students, at school events and in (or not in) the presence of students” (Ministry Guidelines for schools developing at firearms policy).

This policy has been developed in consultation with community. All school staff and students,
members of the community and anyone wishing to involve students in firearms related activities should make themselves familiar with this policy, abide by this policy and consult with the school as required.

Permitted involvement with firearms and air guns
A firearm is “anything from which any shot, bullet, missile, or other projectile can be discharged by force of explosive” and includes objects which could be made capable of doing this (Arms Act 1983, 2.21).
An air gun is “any air rifle, air pistol or weapon that has a gas or compressed air firing mechanism”. It “includes air rifles, air pistols, BB guns, soft air pellet guns and paintball guns. Some more powerful air guns … are treated in the Arms Act 1983 as firearms” (Ministry Guidelines).

Menzies College allows student involvement with firearms for certain school-related events and/or activities. Students may be allowed involvement with firearms off the school premises in the following circumstances: For training and competing in school related events. Firearms are not permitted on school premises.

Preparation and Approval
Before approving any school-related event/activity involving firearms, the school considers health and wellbeing and conducts a risk management assessment (which may be part of Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) planning). The plan outlines the supervision procedures which will be in place. It is submitted to the board, who must approve any event involving firearms and is available to the parents/caregivers of students involved.
Any school events/activities involving firearms require parent/caregiver approval.
To ensure student safety, the school preps students in the expected behavior and rules for any
upcoming event/activity involving firearms. The school also arranges firearm safety training for students involved in extracurricular shooting activities (such as small bore and clay bird/target shooting).

Supervision, licenses and rules of use
Anyone in possession of a firearm must have a firearms licence, or be supervised by a person with a firearms licence. Supervisors must be watchful, within reach and be able to take control of the firearm. Although students may have a firearms licence, they are not permitted to supervise other students. Students without a firearms licence are only permitted to handle firearms at school- related activities or events with board or parental consent.
When students attend an off-site activity involving firearms, school staff sight and document the firearms licence of the supervisor of the event.
Normal police vetting process applies.

Anyone handling a firearm must comply with the New Zealand Police Seven Firearms Safety Rules. Students and school visitors follow any additional rules that the school may put in place for the event/activity.

Transportation and storage of firearms
Menzies College does not store firearms or ammunition on the school premises.
Firearms must always be transported in a firearms case and by a person with a firearms licence.

Any incidents of adverse or dangerous behavior, accident, injury or failure to abide by the firearms policy are recorded in an incident report and supplied to The Board of Trustees.
In the event of any injury or accident, the school follows the healthcare procedures and crisis
management policy if required.

Imitation guns
An imitation firearm is “anything that has the appearance of being a firearm capable of discharging any shot, bullet, missile or other projectile, whether or not it is capable of discharging any shot, bullet, missile or other projectile” (Arms Act 1983, 2.1). It is an offence to carry an imitation firearm without a lawful, proper and sufficient purpose (Arms Act 1983 46). The Ministry guidelines indicate that imitation firearms include toy guns.
Menzies College does not allow imitation guns at school. Exceptions may be made in certain
circumstances, with school permission, e.g. for a school play or a dress-up day. School staff supervise the use of imitation guns and respond to any inappropriate use.

  • Arms Act 1983
  • Arms Regulations 1992
  • Health and Safety at Work Act 2015

Level 3 Adventure Education Alpine Trip

On Thursday 10th August, Mr Landreth and a group of students from the Friday Adventure Education class spent the night sleeping in a snow cave, at Welcome Rocks, near Garston. Here's some photographic evidence - the smiles also prove it was a great experience!
Above, L to R: Asha Dickson, Olivia Perriam, Sophie Leitch, Manea Mason-Guillard, Tessa Wishart, Talia Moody and Bridget Scobie (standing)

Social Science Department

On Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th August the three Year 9 classes (9SW, 9LM, 9FH) did a street walk along some of Wyndham’s main streets. This was part of our unit “Our Fighting Spirit”, with us tracing the origins of the street names linked back to the Crimean War (1853-1856). The streets we focused on were: Raglan, Alma, Redan, Inkerman, Balaclava, and Nightingale. The students were able to identify, record and present information around these street names being closely linked to events, places, battles and personalities from the Crimean War.
Mr. L Joyce
Social Science Teacher

Mātangi Whenua Geography Competition

Last week a team of Year 11 Geography students competed in the regional Mātangi Whenua competition, testing their skills against their peers from other Southland High Schools, in a series of fun geography activities. Paige McEwan, Daisy Stewart and Anna McMullen excelled in their knowledge of mapping skills and geographic concepts, which was a great lead up to our upcoming field trip. Well done girls!
Mrs Brown
Geography teacher

Collaborative art effort from 7LL

7LL have made this beautiful wharenui during their Maori studies class, to brighten up their classroom wall.

Year 13 Disco Fundraiser

The Discos run by the year 13 students were a hit! There was a great turnout of Primary and High school students and everyone looked amazing in their costumes. We had snacks, drinks, and glow sticks for sale on the night and some awesome face painting done by our year 13s. We had some prizes for the best dressed boy and girl and the best dancer at each disco. At the junior disco, Cole Lambert and Sadie Morris won best dressed and Daria Brizzell won best dancer with her awesome moves. At the senior disco, Wiley Clarke and Jorja Wilson won best dressed, and Neko Ramage won best dancer. Thanks to everyone who came and supported us! Hopefully we will see you all at the next one.
Liana Gauldie
Year 13 student

Murihiku Polyfest 2023

Tuesday, 23rd August is a big day for the schools of the Lower Mataura Valley Kahui Ako, with all of them performing at the Murihiku Polyfest, at the ILT stadium. Ngā Awa E Toru, our Menzies kapa haka group is performing at 1.10pm.
Below is a list of times that each school/early learning centre is performing.
Te Kapa Haka o te Kāreti o Mokoreta (our Menzies competitive kapa haka group) is performing on Thursday 24th August at the Murihiku Rangatahi Toa showcase event in the evening, at 7.15pm.

For more information on this year's Polyfest, or to view the LIvestream on the day, click on the link below
Murihiku Polyfest 2023
Cancer Society Daffodil fundraiser will be marked next week at Menzies College. Plastic daffodils will be available for a donation at the office. Pens ($2), ribbons ($1) and metal daffodil pins ($4) will be sold at the snack shop. Keep an eye on the notices for the colouring competition information and other events. We will be holding our usual yellow mufti day on Thursday 24th August. Bring a gold coin to donate and wear something yellow.
Well-being Haoura committee

Lost Property

Below is a photo of some lost property that has been in the office for quite some time. If you recognise any of it as yours, come to the office with a description of the distinguishing features to claim it.

LMV Science Clubs Plus

Science Clubs started on Thursday at Menzies. Over 120 primary aged students came to work with our teachers and students after school, in specialist areas like technology and science. It’s a great way to build connections and relationships with our wider community and for future Menzies students to become familiar with our staff, senior students and school layout.

Menzies Extra-Curricular Hoodie

Below is the link to take you to the order form for the new extra-curricular hoodie.
To order you must use this link and order form, these are not available for purchase at the school office. Please note these are not to be worn as daily uniform, they are for sports only.

Order form

Southland Sports Leadership Forum

On Wednesday, the 9th of August a small group of senior students were lucky enough to attend a sports forum at the Invercargill ILT stadium, run by SBS Academy Southland. This year's sports forum was opened by Cathy Peters, a top NZ cyclist. Cathy shared her success story and experience of being an athlete and gave us some tips that can be used across any sport. It was a great start to the day. We then attended four workshops run by some amazing people. The first workshop was a talk by Jason, about life under pressure and success in sports. Jason taught us the importance of having a positive mindset and when you have use positive self-talk you are more likely to perform better. The second workshop was a practical session, all about strength and conditioning and was run by Josie. Josie taught us how to properly do a warm up and took us through different strength workouts. The third workshop was a talk by Carly about the importance of sleep. She taught us about things that can interfere with a good night's sleep and taught us ways to make sure we get enough sleep. We learnt that growing teenagers should be getting 9- 10 hours of sleep a night. Getting enough sleep is the key to being able to perform at your best possible level. The last workshop we attended was another practical session run by Zane, he taught us about recovery after sports and self massage techniques. We learnt how to properly use a foam roller and other massage tools. We finished off the day by watching an inspiring video by Nike about greatness. All of us took away so much from this day and were very grateful we were able to attend and learn such great things from these talented people.
Ruby Ritani
Year 11 Student

Volleyball season

With the volleyball season approaching it is time to start getting teams sorted. Please be sure to keep an eye on the morning notices for updates.

Menzies 2023 Basketball Season

This year Menzies College entered 6 teams into the Eastern Southland Basketball competition - three junior ,two senior and one adult.

The Secondary A Boys team managed to win over half of their games this season and came out first in their division, with many of the players being placed top ten for points per game.

The Senior Boys A team also had a team entered into the Mens A Grade of this competition which placed fourth, but also had players in the top 10 for scoring and some in the top three. This same team entered the Southland Secondary Schools competition in Invercargill this year and had a great season, with many very close games.

We had one girls team for 2023 entered in the Secondary A Grade competition, they placed 3rd overall and played very well this season.

Menzies was lucky to have two year nine and ten boys teams in the Secondary B Grade, Menzies Red and Menzies Green. Menzies Red placed fifth and Menzies Green placed seventh with over 10 teams in their competition.

Our final team was in the intermediate grade and was made up this year of all year 7s.

We would like to say a huge thank you to parents, siblings and community members who helped out this year with coaching, managing, umpiring, managing the bench or transporting Menzies students to games. Without your help so many of the Menzies students would not get the great and positive experience from being involved in team sports.

Alexis Tahana-Payne
Year 13 student

Community Notices

Free Healthcare - Minor Ailments Service

Te Whatu Ora has introduced a free Healthcare service, available in Southland/Invercargill/Gore for under 14s, and other eligible people suffering from ailments such as Eczema/Dermatitis, eye or skin infections etc.
ZOOM Pharmacy can consult on a range of minor health conditions under the free Minor Ailments Service. If appropriate, pharmacists can supply funded medicines and treatment aids delivered directly to your door for free.
For more information click on the link below.

Minor Ailments Service - Southland/Gore

Autism Support Group

Come out and get to know other parents, caregivers and professionals in a non-threatening enviroment
  • Share Experiences
  • Discuss Ideas
  • Learn what resources are available
Location: Calvin Church, 25 Robertson Street, Gore
Time: 11am to 12pm

23rd August
13th September
22nd November

For more information or if you would like specific resources please contact
Wendy Jenkins – Autism Outreach Coordinator
03 2182420 022 0200 106


Below are the dates for the Edendale Youth Group for Term 3:19th August - Sense Night
2nd September - Word of Life- games
The last night will be confirmed (either the 16th or 23rd)
Anyone Year 9 and up is welcome, just come along and bring a friend.
7.30pm-10.30 at the Christian Activity Centre, George St, Edendale
Contact Johno & Becs Ferguson 0274124941