September 2023 Edition
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Menzies College Newsletter

8th September 2023 - Term 3 Week 8

From the Principal's Desk

Kia ora koutou katoa

I hope you have all enjoyed the taste of spring this week. As I walked around school at lunch time on Tuesday there was no one in the corridors, students were outdoors playing
Ki o Rahi, basketball, touch rugby and just enjoying the sun.

We are at the business end of the academic year for seniors with practice exams next week. These exams matter, they are relied on for derived grades if students cannot sit final exams. They also help determine class placings. The expectation is that students will be putting time into revision in preparation for next week and that they will spend time in their holidays revising. To help reinforce this expectation the school will be open between 10am and 2pm, Monday to Friday during the second week of the holidays. There will be spaces set aside for study, some staff will be offering tutorials during this time. A tutorial timetable will be published in the next newsletter. Lunch will be provided.
Nga Awa e Toru were stunning in their performances during Polyfest. Two groups performed, one on Tuesday afternoon and the other smaller group performed in the showcase on Thursday evening. This was the culmination of hundreds of hours of practice and it showed. The feeling of shared pride between the performers, whanau and supporters at the conclusion of the event was magical. Thank you to Samantha Johnstone, Lachie Hayes, Ashlee Boyce and Bex Brown for all their support of the group.

We held our annual Haka Waiata competition two weeks ago. As always, it was difficult to separate the houses. The judges are independent of Menzies College and have an extremely difficult job deciding the order. This year Rata were announced as first, Rimu second, Totara third and Matai fourth.

Reports back from Tournament week have been glowing. Competitors competed to the best of their ability in a fair and respectful manner. They were appreciative of all the support they received and made the most of their experience.

I neglected to mention in the last newsletter that Zoe Muir had travelled to Tauranga to compete in the Aim’s Games Cross Country event. Once again thank you to the staff and
parents/community members, who gave up their time to coach, manage and support.

Thank you to Margie Dale for all of the work she has put in this term getting ski trips up and running. This is a great way for students to experience skiing at a reasonable price. For some this comes at little or no cost because of fundraising.

Thank you to Alazhe Meihana-Te Whata for the contribution she has made to the Board of Trustees as the student representative. Congratulations to Savanah Costello, the elected representative for the coming year.

In the last newsletter I mentioned we had subscribed to SchoolDocs to keep our policies up to date. Policies being reviewed this term are:
Learning Support, Inclusive Education and Māori Education success.
The site can be found here:
Username: menzies
Password: alma
View and comment under the ‘Current Review’ tab.

Congratulations to:
  • Sophie Ferguson for being named as one of the 15 Talented Players from the
    B Grade at the South Island Secondary School Tournament last week
  • Savanah Costello who has been elected as the new Student Representative on
    the Board of Trustees
Good Luck to the ‘Get to Go” team competing Jessica Alksne, Tom Blackmore
Sophie Frantz, Joshua Landreth, Sophie Geary, Lucas van der Straaten, Ryan Lemon,
Fletcher Morton and Ellie McKelvie

Nga mihi nui
Kath Luoni

Important Dates

  • Monday 11 - Friday 15 - Senior practice exams
  • Monday 11 - Get2Go Challenge
  • Wednesday 20 - Dancing with the Staff
  • Friday 22 - Last day of Term 3
  • Monday 9 - First day Term 4
  • Monday 23 - Labour Day
  • Friday 3 - Last day for Senior students
  • Monday 6 - NCEA exams begin
  • Monday 27 - Thursday 30 - Year 10 Mavora Camp
  • Thursday 7 - Senior Prizegiving
  • Friday 8 - Junior prizegiving

Planned absences

We appreciate the absence notifications that come through each morning, whether they are by phone message, text message or via the school app.

If you need to collect your child from school during the school day, we require notification of this prior to them signing out. By receiving this notification the parent can avoid having to come in to sign their student out.

If your child is going to be absent from school, and you know this in advance, we appreciate as much notice as possible. If they are to be away for more than 3 school days, we require a Planned Absence form to be completed by parents and the student's teachers, before being submitted to Mr Ritani. These forms are available from the school office.

Achievement Slip Draw

The Term 3, Week 6 Senior prize draw winners are:
Trent Reriti, Alyssa Smith, Phoenix Moir, Ben McLellan and Mr Mark Bennett

The Term 3, Week 7 Junior prize draw winners are:
Molly McConachie, Emily Webb, Alex Bariuad, Jakeob Palliser and Mrs Hayley Adam

The Term 3, Week 8 Senior prize draw winners are:
Alexis Tahana-Payne, Maxine Lomboy, Tysin Gaffey-Mansfield, Amber Winn and Mrs Judy Gould.

Please collect your $5 canteen vouchers from the school office during break times.

Photos from Polyfest 2023

Here is a just a small sample of the photos taken at Polyfest during the Menzies College performances. The rest of the photos taken by the professional photographers at Polyfest are on the "Miharo Murihiku Polyfest - 2023" facebook page.

Lost Property

Below is a photo of some lost property that has been in the office for quite some time. If you recognise any of it as yours, come to the office with a description of the distinguishing features to claim it. Any lost property remaining from these piles will be donated to charity if unclaimed after the end of term.

Sports uniforms to be return

All sports uniforms must be returned clean and in good condition to the school office before the end of term. Any unreturned uniforms will incur a $50 replacement charge at the start of term 4

Menzies Extra-Curricular Hoodie

Below is the link to take you to the order form for the new extra-curricular hoodie.
To order you must use this link and order form, these are not available for purchase at the school office. Please note these are not to be worn as daily uniform, they are for sports only.

Order form

Menzies College on Tournament

Menzies Boys Basketball - South Island Tournament, Nelson

On the 29th of August the Basketball boys set off to Nelson. Everyone was very excited for this week away and it definitely didn’t disappoint. We won four out of the six games we played, unfortunately the 2 we lost were pool games on the first day.

The first game against John Paul II was close throughout the first 3 quarters, but we just couldn’t hold on as we went down 89 to 113. We came into our second game fighting against Central Southland College being up by 10 at one point but we got into foul trouble late into the game, with us ending the game losing by 4. This was definitely not what we expected coming into this but we just stayed focused on the next four games to come.

Our third game was against Rangiora New Life College, throughout the entire game we managed to keep a good distance between our scores and we ended up winning 86-71. In our 4th game we played against Garin College and had a very strong game, especially starting the second quarter with a comfortable lead of 15 points. This set the standard for the rest of the game finishing with a score of 79-38 to us.

Our fifth game was definitely our strongest one. Everyone played amazing this game and the scoreboard reflected this ending with a 117-63 to us. We sought out to bring this momentum into our final game on the Saturday against Trinity college playing for the 9th &10th spot. It was a rough game but we battled hard and finished with the win 80-73.

Overall the tournament was a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed their time away from school. I would like to give a big thanks to: Andrea Russell; Katrina, Arin and Cody Read; Marissa and Phillip Laurie, and Tim Landreth. Without you guys the tournament wouldn’t have been possible. You sorted everything out for us boys, so that we could focus on our games and enjoying the tournament. Also a big thanks to Hayley Adams for all the behind the scenes work that went into funding, managing and doing all the hard work to get us away.

Jack Ramage
Year 13 student & team captain

Hockey - South Island Mixed Tournament, Oamaru

This year Menzies entered a hockey team in the South Island Secondary Schools Mixed Tournament.
The team comprised of: Stanley Crump, Tyler Olive, Logan van der Straaten , Amy van der Straaten, Daisy Stewart, Kimberly McDonald, Nina Currie, Ruby Ritani, Lucas van der Straaten, Tom Blackmore, Jacob Stuck, Ivy Ritani and Jesse Howe.
A special mention needs to go to our amazing goalie Olly Wickham, from Waitaki Boys High School who volunteered to help us out and saved us so many times!

We left Wyndham on Sunday morning and headed up to Oamaru, traveling in convoy with the school van and Mrs Ritani's car. The trip was fairly uneventful, asides from a potential car-jacking on the Dunedin motorway which got the adrenalin pumping! The Moeraki boulders was our next stop for a team photo, before checking into our accommodation, meeting our goalie, having a team strategy meeting and getting a good night's sleep before our Monday morning game.

We played our first game at 9am and Gore High won convincingly. We also suffered the loss of our Captain, Stanley Crump who got a high speed hockey ball to the head. Sadly that ended his tournament early, but we made sure to dedicate our three cheers to him before every game. That same day we played a 3pm game and lost again to Wakatipu High.

We woke up on Tuesday morning and went to the Oamaru pool to have a swim and do hot and colds, where we coincidentally bumped into the team we would compete with that night. (We left some encouraging messages in the dust on the back of their school van, in the carpark on the way out.) The afternoon was spent completing team challenges around Oamaru, which saw us doing things like busking, dressing up our team mascot and doing kind deeds for strangers. At 6:30pm we went to the turf and played against Northern Southland College and scored our first goal for the tournament. Unfortunately we still lost, but it was nice to score.

The next day we went to explore the historic precinct of Oamaru, before spending some time doing schoolwork/studying. That afternoon we played Trinity College at 3:45pm and took another loss.

On Thursday we went tenpin bowling with the whole team. (We won't talk about who won this as it was obviously rigged...) Then we got hyped up by a trip to Rainbow Confectionery and some karaoke in the van, before playing our last game against East Otago. The game was a fair game and we got along with the other team. They were a nice team to play. It was their first win of the tournament so it didn't feel so bad when we got off the turf with yet another loss.

Throughout the week we made sure to cheer on other teams from the sidelines throughout the week and managed to leave without any arguments and cards. Overall it was a fun experience, we got a lot of laughs and inside jokes out of it and made friends with the Turf medic Dan, thanks to Stanley. We all pushed ourselves to play our best and will hopefully have a chance to play at a tournament again next year.

On behalf of the team I give a big thanks to our coach Dean Ritani and our manager Katrina Ritani for everything you have done for us in this tournament. We appreciate the time and effort put in to help us have an amazing experience. Thanks also to all of our parents for the fundraising efforts and supporting us throughout the season.

Ivy Ritani
Year 9 student/Menzies Senior XI player

Netball - South Island Secondary Schools Tournament - Invercargill

Senior A 2023

Throughout the season we competed against five other teams in the Gore competition. We were the only school team in the grade, games were very physical but we were able to use them as a preparation for the reality of what the South Island Secondary Schools tournament (SISS) would be like. For the majority of the season we were second on the table, however in our semi-final against Pioneer, with a towering 6ft goal shooter this made it very hard to defend and stop them scoring. Losing to Pioneer saw us playing off for third and fourth, going down in a close game 29-34 to St Marys B.

On Sunday, 29th of August we left on a 30 minute journey from Menzies College to the bustling city of Invercargill, which hosted our SISS tournament. On arrival at the Tower Lodge the hotel manager had a strong message for us, “no fake tan or blood on those white sheets girls, you'll be paying for it.” A greater concern to end the first night was we were forced to enter a nasty food challenge. Blindfolded we had to suffer spoonfuls of wasabi, tuna, a mix of marmite and an aeroplane lollie and cinnamon. A word of advice for future years - don't give cinnamon to someone who tends to giggle a lot, it doesn’t end well. A netball tradition saw us attaching clothesline pegs to someone without them noticing. As embarrassing as this was already wearing a white obvious peg, to make the situation worse, whenever Georgia or Lilly said, “Who’s got the pegs?” those people had to put on a bright coloured swimming cap and goggles.

On Monday, our first match was against Queens High School. It was a nail-biter, but we managed to secure the win 27-26. Our second game was against Waimea College, resulting in a tough 25-35 loss to a strong side.

Tuesday started with a hearty cooked breakfast of spaghetti on toast and our morning match against Oxford Area School ending in a comfortable 37-8 win. In our second game we faced Hillmorton High School and had another successful victory with a score of 25-17. The van ride home was filled with the JBL speaker pumping beats of “all I do is win, win, win, no matter what.” Tuesday night was a highlight as we enjoyed Splash Palace’s hydro slides, plunge pool and spa.

On Wednesday we lost 29-24 to Avonside in our first game. Confidence returned in the second game of the day, where we had a 23-18 win against local rivals Gore High School.

We had an exciting dinner on Wednesday evening at Speight Ale House. However, Thursday was a challenging day with very tired bodies and last night's dinner repeating on us. We faced a tough loss against Mount Hutt, with a final score of 35-25. Our second game against Papanui also ended in a loss with a score of 25-19. Overall we achieved 8th place out of 32 teams in B grade, a large improvement from last year where we placed 22nd.

A massive thank you to our coach Georgia, for her commitment, time and guidance throughout the season. To Lilly, our manager, you were like a supportive mother, well organised throughout the season and on tournaments.
Mrs Luoni, thank you for scoring and the positive encouragement you provided coming from the bench. Thank you for everything you did behind the scenes, we appreciate it. Thank you to all our supporters, we loved your cheering and motivation, this lifted our performance.

Lastly, thank you girls for making it my best season of netball ever. You are all superstars on and off the court. Your perseverance and never-give-up attitudes were awesome.

Sophie Ferguson
Year 13 student and Senior A Netball captain

Rugby - Under 15 Tournament,

Gore High-Menzies combined, Alexandra

Last week the Menzies/Gore High combined U15 team went to tournament. The luxurious accommodation in Cromwell was worth the slightly longer travelling time each day, to Alexandra.
Day 1 started with a narrow loss to Roncalli College 24-22, but the lads got back on track with a solid 41-0 victory over Trinity College.
Day 2 was a very good day, with a 62-28 victory over Greymouth. The highlight was the resounding victory over Verdon College, 59-0. Unfortunately a number of players picked up some injuries during the day.
Day three - with a number of key players injured in previous games and a couple during the first half, the boys found it tough going against a very strong James Hargest team, eventually going down 24-12.
A big thank you to Marcia Kennedy, Helen Glynn, Jill McConachie and Bathan Muir for their part in ensuring a successful tournament experience for everyone involved.

Mark Bennett
Teacher in charge of Rugby

Tessa Ayers Figure Skating Results

Tessa Ayers has had an awesome season, taking part in competitive figure skating. Tessa started with her new coach, Corina Ormiston, when the rink re-opened at the end of March.
Tessa competes in the Interpretative Youth Bronze Grade.
Tessa's placings for the season were:
Gore Club Champs - 2nd
Christchurch Club Champs - 6th
Alexandra Club Champs - 2nd
Dunedin Club Champs 3rd
Otago Southland Competition - 2nd
South Island Championships - 4th

Southland Bowls representative - Shelley Neal

Teacher Aide Shelley Neal has been selected to play Lawn Bowls in the Southland Development Team. Inspired by the Topp Twins Bowling Ladies, this will be Shelley's third playing year and she is looking forward to having a very successful season. She will also be competing at the National singles and pairs competition this coming January, in Christchurch.

Community Notices

Free Healthcare - Minor Ailments Service

Te Whatu Ora has introduced a free Healthcare service, available in Southland/Invercargill/Gore for under 14s, and other eligible people suffering from ailments such as Eczema/Dermatitis, eye or skin infections etc.
ZOOM Pharmacy can consult on a range of minor health conditions under the free Minor Ailments Service. If appropriate, pharmacists can supply funded medicines and treatment aids delivered directly to your door for free.
For more information click on the link below.

Minor Ailments Service - Southland/Gore


Youth Group on the 23rd September - a trip to Jump'n'Fun
Cost $15.
Anyone year 9 and up is welcome. Pick-up and drop-off at the Christian Activity Centre, George Street, Edendale
Save the Date - Youth Pride Ball:
  • The Youth Pride Ball will be September 9th at the Scottish Hall in Invercargill.
  • 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
  • Ages 14+
  • Tickets will be $5
  • The Shoe Booth ( will be on hand to provide formalwear if wanted.
  • The ball will include food, photos, and more.