February 2024 Edition
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Menzies College Newsletter

9th February 2024 - Term 1 Week 2

From the Principal's Desk

Kia ora koutou katoa

Welcome back to the 2024 school year.
We are very excited to have the following new staff
members joining us this year:
  • Sean Bennett teaching Science
  • Gary Boyles teaching Young Enterprise on Fridays
  • Ally Gutsell, teaching English
  • Emma Hamilton, teaching Social Studies and PE
  • Hine Wensor, teaching Te Reo and Kapa Haka throughout the Kahui Ako
  • Freya Wise, teaching PE and Science for Hayley Adam's maternity leave
  • Jeffrey Young, teaching Social Science
Menzies College 2023 NCEA Level one, two and three pass rates gained are higher than the
National Average and comparable schools. There were a total of 24 overall endorsements and 88 subject endorsements last year.
At Year 11, 68%* of students gained NCEA Level 1 compared to 60% nationally.
(*The Year 11 result is yet to be confirmed due to a failure to include 2022 results)
At Year 12, 83.3% of students gained NCEA Level 2 compared to 72.2% nationally.
At Year 13, 85.2% of students gained NCEA Level 3 compared to 66.2% nationally.
At Year 13, 55.6% of Students gained University Entrance compared to 47.2% nationally.
Nationally, results were 2-3% lower than the previous year. This trend was reflected at Menzies College. The cumulative effect of Covid disruptions showed itself at Year 11.

The GF Walker awards held last Friday afternoon were an opportunity to recognise outstanding performance in academic pursuits. Mr Walker was principal at Menzies College from 1988 until 2004, he maintains an active interest in the wellbeing of the community, college and its students.

Year level trophies for the Best External Performance went to:
  • Reece Lynch - Level 3 trophy for Best External Exam performance
  • Asha Dickson - Level 2 trophy for Best External Exam performance
  • Sarri Penus - Level 1 trophy for Best External Exam performance
Ralph Raluto was also recognised for gaining a Scholarship in Visual Art. This recognises Ralph being in the top 3% of Year 13 art students in the country.
Ralph has kindly donated an art work that will hang in the main entrance to reception.

The school roll is currently sitting at 375 students. This is 35 more than the same time last year. Students have settled back into routines well and have adjusted quickly to the new cellphone policy.

The work over the holidays to remediate the mould issue has been slow due to the time it is taking to dry the areas. We have gone ahead with upgrades of the hall toilets which should be complete in the next month. In the meantime, students are using the gym toilets at interval and lunch and the toilet by the library between classes.

Menzies College is a school that accepts donations rather than charging school fees. This means that students will not be charged for in class activities unless there is a take home item. However, it is important that families pay for the items that we do charge for otherwise we risk not being able to pay the bills. This then leads to ‘extras’ being cut. School camps are at the biggest risk of running at losses. To help families manage these costs it is often better to pay a small amount weekly. If this works for your family, please set up an automatic payment to Menzies College. The bank account is 03 0962 0044848 000.

Please email admin@menzies.school.nz about student achievements outside school
hours so it can be acknowledged. Photos are appreciated.

All my best wishes to staff, students, parents and helpers attending Hope Arm Camp
next week.

Nga mihi nui
Kath Luoni
Pictured below: Principal Mrs Kath Luoni, Sarri Penus, Reece Lynch, Asha Dickson and Mr Graeme Walker.
Pictures below: Menzies Art teacher Mrs Bianca Gibbs and Ralph Raluto with his stunning art piece donated to Menzies College

Important Dates

  • Monday 12 - Friday 16 - Year 12 Hope Arm Camp
  • Thursday 15 - Board of Trustees Meeting
  • Wednesday 21 - Menzies Athletics Day
  • Tuesday 27 - Friday 1 March - Year 13 Camp
  • Wednesday 28 - Friday 1 March - Year 7 Camp
  • Wednesday 6 - School Photos
  • Saturday 9 - Southland Secondary Schools Athletics
  • Saturday 23 - Southland Primary Athletics
  • Wednesday 27 - Board of Trustees Meeting
  • Friday 29 - Tuesday April 2 - Easter Break
  • Saturday 6 - Menzies School Ball
  • Friday 12 - Last day of Term 1
  • Monday 29 - First Day of Term 2

G.F Walker Awards 2024- Recipients

Based on the student's 2023 NCEA results the following Awards have been given:

Level 1 NCEA Merit Course Endorsement:
Daisy Stewart – Art, English, Physical Education and Science
Amy van der Straaten – English
Benjamin Laurie – Health, Mathematics, Physical Education and Science
Anna McMullen – Geography, Health and Physical Education
Ruby Ritani – English, Health, History, Mathematics and Physical Education
Kimberly McDonald – Art, History and Science
Alyssa Ozar – History, Mathematics, Physical Education and Science
Alex Smith – English
Liam Wilson – Art
Sarri Penus – History, Mathematics and Physical Education

Level 1 NCEA Excellence Course Endorsement:
Tysin Gaffey Mansfield – Art
Benjamin Laurie – English
Anna McMullen – English
Kimberly McDonald – Accounting, English and Mathematics
Alyssa Ozar – English and Health
Sarri Penus – English, Health and Science

Level 2 NCEA Merit Course Endorsement:
Asha Dickson – Biology and English
Talia Moody – English and Mathematics
Kimberly Orr – Biology and Mathematics
Sophie Leitch – Chemistry and Mathematics
Bridget Scobie – English, History and Mathematics
Trent Reriti – Physics
Tessa Ayers – Mathematics
James Abella – Mathematics
Lewis McKelvie – Chemistry and History
Gabrielle Shepherd – Health
Manea Mason-Guillard – Art
Senne Byrne – Biology and Chemistry
Jacob Harvey - Chemistry

Level 2 NCEA Excellence Course Endorsement:
Asha Dickson – Chemistry and Physics
Talia Moody – Chemistry
Kimberly Orr – Chemistry
Kem Wanyo – Art
Sophie Leitch – Biology
Bridget Scobie – Chemistry
Trent Reriti – Mathematics
James Abella – Chemistry
Senne Byrne – English

Level 3 NCEA Merit Course Endorsement:
Jacob Harvey – Physical Education
Josie McLellan – English and Physical Education
Hunter Richards – Chemistry and Statistics
Naidene Wilson-Hemara – Chemistry and English
Chloe Laurie – Health
Anna Sinclair – English
Reece Lynch – Calculus, English, Physics and Statistics

Level 3 NCEA Excellence Course Endorsement:
Ralph Raluto – Art
Chloe Laurie – English and Statistics
Reece Lynch – Chemistry

Level 1 NCEA Overall Merit Endorsement:
Daisy Stewart
Alex Smith
Paige McEwan
Ruby Ritani

Level 1 NCEA Overall Excellence Endorsement:
Sarri Penus
Alyssa Ozar
Kimberly McDonald
Anna McMullen
Benjamin Laurie

Level 2 NCEA Overall Merit Endorsement:
Kimberly Orr
Sophie Leitch
Bridget Scobie
Trent Reriti
James Abella
Lewis McKelvie
Senne Byrne

Level 2 NCEA Overall Excellence Endorsement:
Asha Dickson
Talia Moody

Level 3 NCEA Overall Merit Endorsement:
Hunter Richards

Level 3 NCEA Overall Excellence Endorsement:
Naidene Wilson-Hemara
Chloe Laurie
Sophie Ferguson
Josie McLellan
Reece Lynch

GF Ward Principals Cup Level 1 – Sarri Penus
ER Curry Principals Cup Level 2 – Asha Dickson
FB Harding Principals Cup Level 3 – Reece Lynch

Mihi Whakatau 2024 - A warm welcome for new students, staff and whanau

On Friday the 2nd February, our school year commenced with a Mihi Whakatau, a formal welcome for all of our new entrants, staff and families. Jo Brand, a Menzies College Board of Trustees member welcomed the visitors on behalf of our school, and Mr Michael Wirepa spoke on behalf of the new arrivals. Followed by kai shared with Year 13 students, the new entrants and teachers went off to their classes to face the start of their exciting Menzies journey.
Mr Michael Wirepa delivering his mihi, speaking on behalf of the manahiri (guests - new students and staff)
Our Menzies senior students addressing our new students/staff with a rousing rendition of the school haka.

Installing the Edge Caregiver App & our

School App

Be sure to download the Edge Caregiver app as a great way of keeping up-to-date with your child's student information. This is a place where you can access your student's timetable, attendance data, NCEA results and keep an eye on your school payments.
To link to your student's information you must ensure when setting up your log-in that you use the same email address that you've supplied to the school for billing information and notices.
Below is a link to take you the web-based app.
The Menzies School App (pictured above) is an important way of ensuring that you receive any important/ urgent notices that relate to your specific student. This is used to communicate with all school families, as well as groups, such as specific year levels, bus routes and sports teams etc. It is available for download to your phone on Google Play and the App Store.

Be sure to update your settings on your Schools App at the start of each new school year, eg bus groups and new Year levels, this doesn't happen automatically.

Absences & Messages from Home

If your child is absent you need to notify the school and this can happen a number of ways.
  1. Phone the school and speak to us or leave a voice message (03 206 4979)
  2. The SchoolsApp has a tab for reporting absences via email, text or phone.
  3. We have a school absence cellphone that is only used for receiving texts. The number for texting us on this is 022 374 7583.
Please do not email any absences or messages that need to be passed on in a timely manner to our admin inbox (admin@menzies.school.nz) as this is not always able to be checked in time.

Should you need to pass on a message on to your student while they are at school (eg about changed pick-up arrangements etc) please phone the office directly on 03 206 4979. Where possible this needs to be done by 2.45pm to ensure we can find the student's class in time.

School Bus Pass

Should your child need to travel home on a bus that they don't usually travel on, you will need to contact the office to arrange a bus pass for your child to give to the Ritchies bus driver. This is required before they are permitted to travel on the bus. It must be the parent of the child travelling under new arrangements who contacts us, rather than the parent of the house they are going to.

Canteen School Menu

Term 1 Lunches
(Monday to Friday) Four week rotation

Week 1 (starting week 2, 5th February)
Chicken Burger
Roast Beef Salad
Plum Spice Chicken drumsticks
Cheeseburger Pizza

Week 2
Roast pork fillet & vegies with gravy
Chicken wrap
Teriyaki Pork Poke Bowl
Smoked Chicken Salad
Beef Burger

Week 3
Pork Enchilada Hash
Chicken pizza
Plum spice pork poke bowl
Chicken & Roast vegie salad
Chicken burger

Week 4
Beef burrito
Teriyaki Chicken drumsticks
Corned beef sandwich
Roast chicken & vegies with gravy
Beef burger

Please note that on the rare occasion due to unforeseen circumstances (eg. supply issues) the daily menu may have to change at short notice.

If you are a parent of one of the few allergen students, please remember to notify the office if your child is absent, to avoid a special meal being made unnecessarily.

Year 8 HPV Vaccination Permission Slips

Our Year 8 students have been given permission slips regarding the HPV vaccination. These have been distributed by Te Whatu Ora. These forms were supposed to be returned to the school office no later than February 16th, whether you are opting to receive the vaccination or not. If you are still holding onto one at home please send this in ASAP.

Donations requested for Year 8 Art Project

We need your old shoes. Please don't throw them away! The Year 8 students will upcycle them into fabulous sculptural art pieces. Feel free to drop off at the School Office or the Art room. Thank you in advance
Wendy Ritson
(Junior Art Teacher)


This year the Menzies College Athletics will be held on Wednesday 21st February, with the
postponement date , Thursday 22nd February. We are extremely happy to be able to
welcome parents, caregivers and community members to support our athletes for the day.
Please feel free to come along and support your students.

Due to time constraints the following events with be run at separate times:
Triple Jump – Tuesday 20th February
3000m - Thursday 22nd February
1500m – Friday 23 rd February

All entries will be completed by students at school. For any changes to these, students must see Mr Kerslake. All students must enter in a minimum of four events and a maximum of seven (excluding relays and open events). Students who compete in more than seven
events will not be eligible for sports championship placings.

Age groups will be taken from 1 January 2024. It is the same for both boys and girls.
Age groups are U12, U13, U14, U15, U16 and U19.5

  • U12/U13 are allowed to participate in 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, shot, discus, long jump, high jump (NO JAVELIN)
  • U14/U15/U16/U19.5 are allowed to participate in 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, shot, discus, long jump, high jump, and javelin
  • Open Events - 3000m open to all
  • Triple Jump is open to Y9 to Y13 students
TIMETABLE: Will be handed out to students at school

Students will receive points for their houses for participation and for placings in the finals of
the events. Interhouse 4 x 100m relays will be run in each of the age groups as the final

It is encouraged that students dress up and support their House. Students often choose to do
this by dressing up in their House colour.

There is to be no body paint worn on the day and no paint to be brought on to school grounds. No student wearing body paint will be permitted to travel on the school buses.

The house colours are as follows:
Rata = Yellow
Rimu = Blue
Totara = Purple
Matai = Orange

Please note Southland Athletics Championships is on the Saturday 9th of March and Southland Primary Athletics will be held on Saturday 23rd March.

Menzies College Sports – Can you offer help or support?

Menzies College is currently rated 6th out of the 15 Southland Secondary schools in terms of
participation (Overall participation 63%). 60% of our boys and 67% of our girls are engaged
at some point in the year in organised sport. Some organised sports have experienced
growth and others have experienced a decline.
We are currently looking for any support that the community can offer us so that we can improve or at the very least maintain our participation rates. We are looking for any parents/caregivers you would be able to manage or coach a sports team at Menzies College. If you are able to provide this help please get in contact with either Mark Kerslake (mkerslake@menzies.school.nz) or Naidene Wilson-Hemara (naidene.hemara@menzies.school.nz) so that we can connect you with a team.

We have an extensive list of sports and appreciate any support that you can offer in the
following activities:
Rugby Union, Netball, Basketball, Volleyball, Adventure Racing, Hockey, Athletics, Football,
Cricket, Kayaking, Beach Volleyball, Triathlon, Duathlon, Shooting (Target) & Clay Target,
Badminton, Lawn & Indoor Bowls, Cross Country, Tennis, Equestrian, Swimming.

Mark Kerslake
Teacher in Charge of Sport

Complaints Procedure

Community Notices

Edendale Youth Group

The Edendale Youth Group is held most fortnights during term-time, on Saturday evenings , 7.30-10.15pm at the Activity Centre, George St, Edendale. Bring your friends, anyone Year 9 and up is welcome. We are happy to pick up or drop home, just ask.
Contact Johno and Bec Ferguson 0274124941 if you need more information.

Dates for Term One: (Activities to be confirmed shortly)
17th Feb, 24th Feb, 9th March, 23rd March, 6th April.

Edendale Boys Outreach and Rally

Edendale Boys Outreach and Rally is on for anyone 9 years old and up, 7-9pm on Friday nights at the Activity Centre, George Street, Edendale. Any questions, call Jono on 0274124941
Dates for Term One: 16th Feb, 23rd Feb, 8th March, 22nd March and 5th April.