February 2024 Edition
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Menzies College Newsletter

23rd February 2024 - Term 1 Week 4

From the Principal's Desk

Kia ora koutou katoa

Congratulations to all our students for the positive way they competed and supported their friends on Wednesday at Athletics day. The day may have been cold but the competition was red hot. It was great to see parents popping in during the day to show their support.

Next week we have the Year 13 group going to Camp Columba from Tuesday to Friday. This is a time for them to set goals for the year and think about preparing for their life beyond school. They will also be learning about Peer Support and how to help the Year 7 students feel a sense of belonging at Menzies College. The Year 7 group joins the camp from Tuesday until Friday.

School photos are the following week on Wednesday. Please ensure students are in correct school uniform. We will have a focus on uniform next week to help encourage students to get organised. One of the main problems we are noticing with the cooler mornings is hoodies creeping in and a variety of black jackets. The only approved jackets are:
  • The Menzies College Green Jacket with a Monogram. These are available from the school office for $100 and represent great value
  • A plain black waterproof jacket
A plain black jacket was added to the uniform a number of years ago to encourage students to have a suitable jacket for the numerous outdoor trip/ camps they attended. The expectation is that these jackets repel moisture. Students who have non- regulation jackets will be asked to remove them.

Currently there are no stockists for the Menzies green vests. We have approached the Uniform Shop about stocking them. They will supply the school with a minimum order of 30 vests, which we would get embroidered. Please indicate, on the form through the link below, if you want to purchase a vest this year. We expect the price to be between $80 and $90 depending on the size. This is not a commitment to purchase yet. There are no vests currently available secondhand in the school uniform shop.

The Term 1 review for our policies on Schooldocs is underway. Please go to
https://www.schooldocs.co.nz/ and login to give your feedback.
Username: menzies
Password: alma

Congratulations to
  • Kody Crump for again being selected for the Rugby Southland Pathways
    group for 2024
  • Dwayne Rivas for being selected for the U16 Southland Boys Basketball squad
  • Wanaka Challenge participants who gained the following results:
    Charlie Frantz, 8th in the Year 8 Boys
    Josh Smyth, 7th in the Year 7 Boys
    Lucy Smyth, 7th in the Under 14 Girls
    Zoe Muir, 2nd in the Under 14 Girls
    Diesel Ross: 1st in the Under 14 Boys
  • Nga mihi nui
    Kath Luoni

Important Dates

  • Tuesday 27 - Friday 1 March - Year 13 Camp
  • Wednesday 28 - Friday 1 March - Year 7 Camp
  • Wednesday 6 - School Photos
  • Thursday 7 - Meet the Whanau Teachers - Family Sausage Sizzle
  • Saturday 9 - Southland Secondary Schools Athletics
  • Saturday 23 - Southland Primary Athletics
  • Wednesday 27 - Board of Trustees Meeting
  • Friday 29 - Tuesday April 2 - Easter Break
  • Friday 5 - RSA Scholarship Applications close
  • Saturday 6 - Menzies School Ball
  • Friday 12 - Last day of Term 1
  • Monday 29 - First Day of Term 2

Achievement slip draw

Congratulations to the following achievement slip draw winners:

Week 3 (Juniors):
Ivy Ritani, Joe Bowler, Mikaela Instone, Cody Turnbull and Mrs Wendy Ritson.

Week 4 (Seniors):
Alyssa Ozar, Nicholle Bedrijo, Lewis McKelvie, Andrea Lacuesta and Mr Dean Ritani.

Please come to the office in your break times to collect your $5 canteen voucher.

Menzies Athletics Day 2024

The Menzies school field was awash with orange, purple, yellow and blue on Wednesday the 21st of February. Students participation was high and points were gained for houses - every point counted as the differential fluctuated throughout the day.
We still have to add all the points together before deciding on the overall House winner - watch this space!

I am currently aware of one record being broken. Congratulations to Zoe Muir who took a
school record: U14 Girls Javelin - 2024, 27.79m. Previously set in 2020 by Melissa Rodgers with 20.70m.

Southland Athletics
If your son/daughter finished in the top three of any field or track event on Wednesday, they
are allowed to represent Menzies at the Southland Secondary School Athletic Championships
on Saturday 9th March. More information to come out next week regarding this.

Mark Kerslake
Teacher in Charge of Sport
Above: House teams getting ready for the 400m flag relay.

Year 12 Hope Arm Camp 2024

"Tenting on the Shores of Lake Manapouri"

Last Monday, a group of hardy Year 12 students set off in luxury on the Event Bus, headed for the beautiful Lake Manapouri, Fiordland. The lake is framed by the spectacular Cathedral Mountains and has four arms - North, South, West and Hope.

After arriving at Pearl Harbour, Manapouri, the group split into two. One, kitting themselves out for a Sea Kayaking adventure across Lake Manapouri, heading into Surprise Bay then dragging their kayaks through the George Bay portage walk before carrying on with their adventure. (And what an adventure it was with the wind not on their side! This group showed guts, perseverance, stamina and grit to paddle in the not-so-favourable conditions!) Whilst one group was kayaking, the other was ferried across the Waiau River to where they embarked on the Pearl Harbour to Hope Arm tramp - all gear for the week on board. Legends!

The groups then met back up at Hope Arm where it was all hands on deck to set up camp, light fires and get cooking for dinner.

Tuesday saw the mighty Year 12's conquer the renowned (only to Menzies students!) BICYCLE RIDGE. There was blood, sweat and tears but what a bold achievement and one that EVERY student and adult on camp can be proud of. The tenacity and support everyone gave and showed was remarkable. A memory to never be forgotten.

The rest of the week was spent fishing, eeling, water skiing, biscuiting, swimming, kayaking, knee boarding, jet skiing, and playing games. Here, many memories were made, laughs were had and many friendships were built, made or strengthened.

Come Friday, it was a beautiful, calm day where the Kayakers had a pristine roto to paddle out on - a distinct contrast to the way in!

What a week! A week of all seasons weather-wise, a week of overcoming challenges, a week of learning new skills, a week of building friendships, a week of AWESOMENESS. A week to always remember!
Hope Arm 2024 accomplished 👊

A massive THANKYOU to the brilliant group of Year 12 students, you made the camp what it was. Also thanks to Tim Landreth, Pete Holden, Sue Crighton, Beth Brown, Cindy Dean, Mark Breed, Nathan McDermott, Phil Greer, Cody Read, Jade Maxwell and David Scobie - a brilliant, helpful, caring group of adults, whom without you giving up your time, expertise, boats, jet ski, fuel etc, we couldn’t have run this camp.
THANKYOU - We appreciate you!

Hayley Clarke
Outdoor Education Teacher

Head Girl receives Zonta Award

The Zonta Club is an organisation with the primary goal of helping and supporting women in the community. Every year all Zonta clubs around New Zealand, and the world, seek applications for the Young Women in Public Affairs Award. This award recognises young women for their commitment to volunteering, volunteer leadership achievements and their dedication to empowering women worldwide. The winner of the award from the regional club, proceeds to the national competition and one nominee from New Zealand will go through to the international competition.

At the end of 2023, Menzies Head Girl Talia Moody was fortunate enough to be selected by the Invercargill Zonta Club and will now be proceeding to the next stage where she will be considered for the National Zonta Young Women in Public Affairs Award.

Here is a photo of her accepting her award on the 14th of February …..
Congratulations Talia.

David Lewis
Dean of Senior School

The Craft Club and Board Games Club needs you!

Do you have any spare yarn, thread, knitting needles or crochet hooks taking up space in your house? Are there board games gathering dust in a cupboard that could be put to a better use? Why not donate your spare items to our school clubs!
All donations will be accepted (even missing pieces can be replaced or crafted) and can be left at the office. If anyone is interested in donating their time and expertise, and would like to join us for a lunchtime crafting or a game session, please contact beth.brown@menzies.school.nz.


March 6 2024

Leave class 10 MINUTES before your photo time
Meet at the MAIN HALL DOORS nearest to the carpark
TIDY AND CORRECT UNIFORM - No jerseys, jackets, polar fleeces or non-regulation shirts.


Period 1
Year 11
Year 12
Year 13
9:50 - 10:20

Period 2
Period 3

Head students
12.35 – 1.10
Family Photos

Meet outside main office if dry or inside hall if wet

Period 4

Period 5

International Student Sports Day

“This day isn’t about competition, it’s about connection”
International Sports Day is an annual event that occurs every year, hosted by the ILT Stadium in Invercargill, Southland. The purpose of this event is to give the international students the opportunity to connect with other international students in the southern region of New Zealand. Menzies College, along with many other Southland secondary schools, was given the opportunity to participate in this fun day away and we had a great number of our international students, as well as their parents, attending this lively event.

They offered the sports of volleyball, basketball, pickleball, badminton, squash and futsal, which gave the opportunity for the students to pick a sport we loved or even try something new. We all had fun meeting new people from around the globe, striking up conversations and also reconnecting with friends we already knew. We feel that this event really showcased the diversity of Southland, with the many cultures and backgrounds all in one venue participating in various sports, and we’re grateful to have been a part of it.

James Abella and Nicholle Bedrijo

School Uniform

Thank you to the students and families who uphold the integrity of our school uniform, ensuring our students come to school every day wearing correct uniform.
We have lent out some white girls socks with Menzies written on the bottom, several pairs have not been returned, we would appreciate these back if you find them at home thank you.

Here are a couple of reminders:
  • girls are required to wear white ankle socks, not black, and not 'no-show'
  • boys are required to wear regulation socks (grey with the green and red stripe)
  • all shoes need to be black, preferably leather. No stripey gym shoes or white or coloured stripes etc.

Level 2 Photography - Athletics Day coverage

Level 2 Photography students Indi Macdonald, Hemi Worthington and Mahalia Mitchell have been working hard in their Friday option so far this term, in preparation for capturing these fabulous shots at Athletics day on Wednesday. Here's a small sample of what they managed to capture.

Installing the Edge Caregiver App & our

School App

Be sure to download the Edge Caregiver app as a great way of keeping up-to-date with your child's student information. This is a place where you can access your student's timetable, attendance data, NCEA results and keep an eye on your school payments.
To link to your student's information you must ensure when setting up your log-in that you use the same email address that you've supplied to the school for billing information and notices.
Below is a link to take you the web-based app.
The Menzies School App (pictured above) is an important way of ensuring that you receive any important/ urgent notices that relate to your specific student. This is used to communicate with all school families, as well as groups, such as specific year levels, bus routes and sports teams etc. It is available for download to your phone on Google Play and the App Store.

Be sure to update your settings on your Schools App at the start of each new school year, eg bus groups and new Year levels, this doesn't happen automatically.

Absences & Messages from Home

If your child is absent you need to notify the school and this can happen a number of ways.
  1. Phone the school and speak to us or leave a voice message (03 206 4979)
  2. The SchoolsApp has a tab for reporting absences via email, text or phone.
  3. We have a school absence cellphone that is only used for receiving texts. The number for texting us on this is 022 374 7583.
Please do not email any absences or messages that need to be passed on in a timely manner to our admin inbox (admin@menzies.school.nz) as this is not always able to be checked in time.

Should you need to pass on a message on to your student while they are at school (eg about changed pick-up arrangements etc) please phone the office directly on 03 206 4979. Where possible this needs to be done by 2.45pm to ensure we can find the student's class in time.

School Bus Pass

Should your child need to travel home on a bus that they don't usually travel on, you will need to contact the office to arrange a bus pass for your child to give to the Ritchies bus driver. This is required before they are permitted to travel on the bus. It must be the parent of the child travelling under new arrangements who contacts us, rather than the parent of the house they are going to.

Canteen School Menu

Term 1 Lunches
(Monday to Friday) Four week rotation

Week 1 (starting week 2, 5th February)
Chicken Burger
Roast Beef Salad
Plum Spice Chicken drumsticks
Cheeseburger Pizza

Week 2
Roast pork fillet & vegies with gravy
Chicken wrap
Teriyaki Pork Poke Bowl
Smoked Chicken Salad
Beef Burger

Week 3
Pork Enchilada Hash
Chicken pizza
Plum spice pork poke bowl
Chicken & Roast vegie salad
Chicken burger

Week 4
Beef burrito
Teriyaki Chicken drumsticks
Corned beef sandwich
Roast chicken & vegies with gravy
Beef burger

Please note that on the rare occasion due to unforeseen circumstances (eg. supply issues) the daily menu may have to change at short notice.

If you are a parent of one of the few allergen students, please remember to notify the office if your child is absent, to avoid a special meal being made unnecessarily.

Donations requested for Year 8 Art Project

We need your old shoes. Please don't throw them away! The Year 8 students will upcycle them into fabulous sculptural art pieces. Feel free to drop off at the School Office or the Art room. Thank you in advance
Wendy Ritson
(Junior Art Teacher)

Pop-up Pump track at Wyndham Playground

You may have noticed the pop-up pump track that has been set up at the Wyndham Playground.
This is a great community initiative that we urge everyone to get onboard with. There is a free community BBQ on Monday 26th February (details in the below flyer)

BIKES AND HELMETS: Cycling Southland have left bikes and helmets at school for your use. See Mrs Keil if you would like to take a bike home to arrange a pick up time.

At the BBQ on Monday Cycle Fix are kindly donating their resources for FREE bike checks & repairs so bring your bikes along and get them checked so you can make the most of the pump track while it is in Wyndham.

Community Notices

Edendale R.S.A. Education Scholarships

These scholarships have been established by the Edendale R.S.A. to assist students of the district (Wyndham/Edendale), past students of Menzies College or direct descendants of past members of the Edendale R.S.A. in the first, second or third years of tertiary study. Applications close at 4pm on Friday 5th April 2024. Applications are now open and full details are available from the Menzies College office.

Edendale Youth Group

The Edendale Youth Group is held most fortnights during term-time, on Saturday evenings , 7.30-10.15pm at the Activity Centre, George St, Edendale. Bring your friends, anyone Year 9 and up is welcome. We are happy to pick up or drop home, just ask.
Contact Johno and Bec Ferguson 0274124941 if you need more information.
Dates for Term One:
24th Feb, 9th March, 23rd March, 6th April.

Edendale Boys Outreach

Edendale Boys Outreach is for anyone 9 years old and up, 7-9pm on Friday nights at the Activity Centre, George Street, Edendale. Any questions, call Jono on 0274124941
Dates for Term One: 23rd Feb, 8th March, 22nd March and 5th April.

Boys Outreach for Friday 23rd Feb is Water night - bring a change of clothes/togs/towel
Girls Rally on Friday 23rd is a scavenger hunt.