March 2024 Edition
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Menzies College Newsletter

8th March 2024 - Term 1 Week 6

From the Principal's Desk

Kia ora koutou katoa

It is hard to believe that we are at the end of Week 6 already. Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the Year 13 and Year 7 combined camp at Camp Columba. I felt really proud of our Year 13 group for the leadership they showed and the way they cared for the Year 7 students. To have a one-to-one ratio of Year 13 students to Year 7 students is unheard of. A huge thank you to the Year Level Deans, Sharee Knapp and David Lewis for the work they put in to organizing the camp. Also thanks to the teachers who supported it - Michael Wirepa, Lachie Hayes, Mark Kerslake, Wendy Ritson and Dean Ritani.
Thank you to the whānau who attended the meet the teachers event last night. It was an opportunity to connect with others in the community, become more familiar with staff at Menzies College and start to build relationships with whānau teachers for the benefit of all ākonga (learners).

In our school calendar, from this coming Tuesday until the day before Easter, we have 'Green Days'. This is a period of time set aside with no events to interrupt learning. The focus is on routine and meeting the expectations that we know allow the habit of learning to flourish. To coincide with this, we have a focus on wearing correct uniform. School uniform plays a key role in promoting pride and a feeling of belonging. It contributes to students’ wellbeing by removing the additional pressures of deciding what to wear and the added stress of meeting the expectations of their peers.

As the weather starts to cool, hoodies and other non-regulation jerseys become a problem. They are not part of the uniform. Plain black jackets, regulation school jackets, school jerseys, vests and polar fleece give plenty of options for added warmth. If a student isn’t in correct uniform at the start of the day, they are to come to the office to get a replacement item for the day. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Congratulations to:
  • Competitors in the Southland Triathlon Championships (See the article and photos below)
  • Charlie Blackmore and Jesse Howe (both Year 9) who competed at the Southland Secondary Schools Tennis Championships
  • Lucy Smyth (Year 9) and Josh Smyth (Year 7) who took part in the South Island Triathlon Champs in Oamaru last weekend. They finished 6th and 18th respectively in their Under 14 girls and Under 14 boys races.

Nga mihi nui
Kath Luoni

Important Dates

  • Saturday 9 - Southland Secondary Schools Athletics
  • Saturday 23 - Southland Primary Athletics
  • Wednesday 27 - Board of Trustees Meeting
  • Friday 29 - Tuesday April 2 - Easter Break
  • Friday 5 - RSA Scholarship Applications close
  • Saturday 6 - Menzies School Ball
  • Friday 12 - Last day of Term 1
  • Monday 29 - First Day of Term 2

Achievement slip draw

Congratulations to the following achievement slip draw winners:

Week 5 (Juniors):
Grace Cameron, Kingston Hamilton, Neveah Moir, Rilan Anderson and Miss Samantha Johnstone.

Week 6 (Seniors):
Trent Reriti, Bridget Scobie, Rubin Edwards, Claire Young and Ms Louise Youngson

Please come to the office in your break times to collect your $5 canteen voucher.

Introducing our new staff members - Part One

Menzies has a number of new staff members who have started with us recently. For the next couple of issues of the newsletter we will be introducing you to some of them.

Gary Boyles

Where did you grow up?: Staffordshire, UK
Where did you train?: I trained in Sheffield
What subjects do you teach?: I teach Commerce at Menzies and Economics/PE at Maruwai
Interests/Hobbies/Favourite Past-time: I'm a football referee, cricketer and bad golfer.
What are you currently reading/watching?: I don't watch much TV. I'm currently reading the new Stuart Maconie book.
Book Recommendation - One Summer - Bill Bryson

Sean Bennett

Where did you grow up? Dunedin
Where did you train? New Zealand Graduate school of Education
Subjects teaching this year: 8, 9, 10 Science, 11 Biology & Chemistry
Interests/hobbies/favourite past: Rugby, Video games, DnD
What are you currently reading or watching? The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live
Name a book you highly recommend everyone should read: Eragon by Christopher Paolini.

Meriana Fellows

Where did you grow up?:I moved around Aotearoa a fair bit in my childhood, from Rotorua, The Marlborough Sounds, Taranaki and then spent my high school years at Menzies College (Year 7 - Year 13) then moving to Tamaki-Makaurau for the last 5 years.
Year levels working with: I work across the year levels at Menzies however I spend a majority of my time with year 7's - year 10's (as a member of the Learning Support team)
Interests/hobbies/favourite pastime: My biggest hobby is Fashion Modelling, from runways to photoshoots. I also really enjoy maintaining my fitness levels, researching and creating different mediums of art.
What are you currently reading or watching? I am currently watching 'Yellowstone.'
Name a book you highly recommend everyone should read: 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho.

Jeffrey Young

I am from the United States. I lived many years in the wonderful New England state of Massachusetts. I came to New Zealand via Hong Kong where I have lived most of the past decade teaching English as a second language in their local school system. I have recently graduated from the University of Otago's Master of Teaching and Learning programme and previously I studied medieval European history for my bachelor of arts. I am honoured to be welcomed to the staff of Menzies College and I have the great fortune to be teaching years nine and ten social science, as well as level three history. One of the reasons I moved to New Zealand is because I loved the various outdoor pursuits like camping and tramping, and this country provides unparalleled opportunities in this department. I also enjoy photography, astronomy, science fiction, and the odd historical tome every now and again. Must read books for me are anything written by Cormac McCarthy, Fyodor Dostevsky, and Leo Tolstoy, not easy reading but definitely worth it. I'm so thrilled to be a part of this community and I look forward to meeting y'all.

Year 7 Camp - Camp Columba

On Wednesday 28th February our two Year 7 classes, 7MW and 7LH, headed off for a two night camp at Camp Columba in Pukerau. Here they were joined by our Year 13 group who organised and ran a range of outdoor activities and peer support games.
We were very spoilt with the weather for most of the camp. This allowed the students to take part in a high-ropes course, kayaking, swimming, abseiling, enjoying the water slide and co-operation games. They took part in a camp concert on the last night which was a lot of fun.
A big thank you to Mr Cameron, Mrs McKinnel and Mr Howe who were the parent helpers, Mrs Ritson who kept everyone so well fed and Mrs Knapp for the huge amount of organising that went into ensuring this camp was a success full of wonderful memories.

Reflections on camp by some of our Year 7 students:
'My highlight was the abseiling' - Ninja Clark 7MW
'I enjoyed the kayaking the most' - Issac Ward 7MW
'It was funny when the pontoon starting sinking, with too many people'
- Miriam Pemberton 7MW
Honor McCabe from 7MW thought it was pretty funny when some of the boys pretended to be girls
'It was funny when Lewis and Ben sunk the dinghy, twice' - Josh Smyth 7MW
'The water in the morning was cold when we went kayaking!' - Kingston Hamilton 7LH
'The food was brilliant - literally so good!' - Boston Haenga 7LH
'I enjoyed the kayak slide and getting pushed off the pontoon, and the high ropes. My favourite was the 'leap of faith' when I caught the bar and did three pull-ups' - Poppy Leitch 7LH
Reid Welch, 7 LH will remember the time he'd just finished kayaking and found a 'leach' in his hair in the shower!

Camp Lost Property

We have quite a few items of lost property that came back from camp. Please come to the office if you are trying to locate your towels, scuffs, t-shirts, jerseys and a toilet bag.

Year 13 Leadership camp - Camp Columba

Last Tuesday saw our Year 13 group begin our journey up to the renowned Camp Columba. Our first stop was Hamilton Park. Here we started preparing for peer support. Once finally arriving at camp it was a race to see who could claim the top bunks before getting right back into our preparations.
Before we knew it, dinner time came and our chosen cooks entered the kitchen. Although some questionable methods were used, the food was eventually served. Later we ventured down to the pond and competed to see who would be crowned king of the pontoon. Then the sun began to set, meaning it was 'Among Us' and poker time. Little did we know this was just the beginning of the poker set. We ended the night with Mafia because what would camp be without it?

Most of us woke up on Wednesday in good spirits, except for those who were victims of snoring. The Year 7 group soon arrived, buzzing and excitedly settled in. We all enjoyed a relaxed lunch, except for Cabin 1 as it was soon discovered that we had a food thief among the Year 13s, stealing 4 muffins and a day-old soggy burger. This was the start of a camp-long investigation.
After lunch, our first round of activities began. These were either kayaking, abseiling or high ropes. We all quickly got into it, enjoying these new experiences and the challenges they brought to us. Afterwards, all of our preparations were put to the test as we started our peer support. We then all enjoyed fun on the bouncy pillow, basketball court, gaga ball and concrete slide, again except for Cabin 1 who was still on the lookout for the infamous food thief who had now claimed a birthday donut. This led to multiple interviews taking place and suspects being named. And of course, after dinner, it was pond time followed by Storm the Castle and Spotlight.

Thursday saw people playing Twister too early and Mr Ritani challenging the Year 13s to a dance battle and of course, we all know who won. Who knew he had those moves?? But soon enough we were in our next round of activities and back at it again with our peer support groups. Later after our final round of activities, we saw some epic wipeouts down the waterslide. Then it was a race to the pond to wash off. Thursday night's entertainment were skits that the Year 13 had created. This included Manea and Rueben having a delicious meal of leftovers, huhu beetles being handled and Mrs Luoni getting whipped cream to the face. And then, who would have guessed - it was time for the pond once again. This time we had convinced Mrs Luoni to join in on the fun. As is camp routine, spotlight was played which turned into a dance party, the perfect way to end the night.

The final morning came and the Year 13s were woken by the Year 7s, leaving some not-so-happy campers. But soon clean up began, motivated by the promise of McDonalds. We sadly said goodbye to camp and Lily the dog, then all set off to Dolamore Park for our final adventure. Here yabbies were found, games were played and some brave souls set off on the walk with their destination being the lookout. The camp was coming to an end but still, Cabin 1 food thief roamed free now also taking hostage a hot cross bun, leaving the investigation to go cold. We then loaded into the vehicles and began our journey home after a great camp shared.

Thank you to Mr Lewis, Mr Ritani, Mr Kerslake, Mrs Keil, and Mrs Knapp who helped to make this camp an amazing experience, filled with memories to cherish. We all appreciate it and are extremely grateful for all that you have done.

Asha Dickson
Year 13 student

Year 12 Biology Stream Trip

The start of the day was cold and a bit foggy.
“Miss, you said it was going to be hot!”, “I didn’t bring a coat and it looks like it’s going to rain”. These were the famous last words that the students in Year 12 Biology came to regret as the sun and heat smiled down on us just a few hours later.
Last Thursday, I took 8 fantastic students, and Mr Joyce, up to the top of the Mimihau River, along Venlaw Road to the forestry gates. We worked our way back down the river studying the abiotic (physical) and biotic (living) factors of the Mimihau stream at regular intervals. The students collected data and samples that are required for their first Internal - AS91158 - Investigate a pattern in an ecological community, with supervision.
This was a great group of students to take away, there was no grumbling (even when they lost feeling in their feet at the first site in the very cold water) They helped each other and ensured that each group had collected all of their data before getting ready to move to the next site and were always smiling.
I want to thank Mr Joyce for coming out of ‘retirement’ to spend the day with us at the last minute. Dr Hustler tested positive for Covid 19, 24 hours before we left - Mr Joyce really helped us out in a tricky situation. I also want to thank the Year 12 students for a great day out, only 2 thermometers were broken and we lost no equipment! I, personally had a great day with lots of laughter and good conversations.
Mrs Karen Clark
Head of Science

Weaving fun with Whaea Hine

Yesterday students in 9MK were learning about harakeke and rāranga. Each student created a putiputi out of harakeke and learnt the correct tikanga around this process.
Ka mau te wehi koutou.
Whaea Hine

Whānau fun at the Wyndham Pop-up Pump track

TSA tried out the pump track during extended whānau last week. We enjoyed nice weather and a delicious lunch together
Peter Power - TSA Whānau teacher

Southland Secondary Schools Triathlon Championships

On Friday the 23rd February a committed group of thirteen Year 7-13 students competed in Winton at the Southland Secondary Schools Triathlon Championships. It was an amazing day weather-wise, but also the with performances of the team. There were just under 300 participants at the event and it was an extremely well-organized event with tremendous support from the Southland Triathlon Club. We eagerly look forward to going again next year and seeing if we can improve on our performances.

Congratulations to the following students
U19 Mixed Team 1st – Sophie Ross (Swim) / Ben Guthrie (Bike) / Hudson Roy (Run)
U16 Mixed Team 5th – Lachie Shepherd (Swim) / Sophie Frantz (Bike) Hollie Kennedy (Run)
U14 Girls Team 3rd – Dusty Coley (Swim) / Molly McConachie (Bike) / Isla Clarke (Run)
U14 Boys Individual 1st – Diesel Ross
U14 Girls Individual 1st – Zoe Muir
U14 Girls Individual 4th - Lucy Smyth
Year 7 Boys Individual 8th – Josh Smyth

Well done to all students who took part

Mr Mark Kerslake
Teacher in Charge of Sport
Back row L to R: Lachie Shepherd, Ben Guthrie and Hudson Roy
Front row L to R: Josh Smyth, Diesel Ross, Sophie Ross, Zoe Muir, Lucy Smyth, Sophie Frantz, Hollie Kennedy, Isla Clarke, Molly McConachie and Dusty Coley

Menzies Hunter - Gatherers Club

A group of Menzies students have been taking part in an after-school club this term - the Hunter-Gatherers Club. This is being run by Mr Landreth and sees the students taking part in activities such as bow-hunting, fishing and bush craft opportunities. The students taking part come with a range of experience, from newbies right through. From the photos below you can see they have a lot of fun!

Menzies College Netball AGM

The Menzies College Netball AGM is to be held on Monday, 18 March at 7:30 pm, in the school office. Everyone is welcome. Any apologies to Nik Currie (02) 7327 6408

Community Notices

Wyndham Dental Bus

The mobile community dental bus is currently parked outside Wyndham school. If you need to get in touch with the dental therapists please call 0275681833.

Edendale R.S.A. Education Scholarships

These scholarships have been established by the Edendale R.S.A. to assist students of the district (Wyndham/Edendale), past students of Menzies College or direct descendants of past members of the Edendale R.S.A. in the first, second or third years of tertiary study. Applications close at 4pm on Friday 5th April 2024. Applications are now open and full details are available from the Menzies College office.

Edendale Youth Group

The Edendale Youth Group is held most fortnights during term-time, on Saturday evenings , 7.30-10.15pm at the Activity Centre, George St, Edendale. Bring your friends, anyone Year 9 and up is welcome. We are happy to pick up or drop home, just ask.
Contact Johno and Bec Ferguson 0274124941 if you need more information.
Dates for Term One:
9th March, 23rd March, 6th April.

Saturday 9th March - Amazing Race challenge

Edendale Boys Outreach

Edendale Boys Outreach is for anyone 9 years old and up, 7-9pm on Friday nights at the Activity Centre, George Street, Edendale. Any questions, call Jono on 0274124941
Dates for Term One: 8th March, 22nd March and 5th April.

Friday 8th March - Alvin's Bush, wear warm, old clothes, meet at activity centre.